Mid Willamette Valley Route Sharing


I just saw this in my Google Alerts and am pumped to see more of this happening.

Cyclists looking to take a mid-valley ride now have an online option for finding or creating routes. The site is being launched today by Linn County Geographic Information Systems and was created in partnership with Albany GIS, the Albany Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission and local cycling clubs.

Users may select a distance range and level of difficulty to produce a custom map or choose a route from one of the 27 listed on a drop-down menu.

Options listed under “select difficulty” include flat, moderate hills, hilly and very hilly. A drop-down menu also allows the user to choose a distance range, starting at less than 20 miles and maxing out at more than 75.

Click the “directions” button on the lower right of the screen and a detailed set of turn-by-turn directions can be viewed and printed out.

You can check out the site here:

There’s more of the article at the website.


Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway Route

Yesterday, while on a clear, brisk ride downtown to a quick meeting, I saw some signs in the neighborhood that I hadn’t seen before. These reflective green and white signs with a bike and “WV” on them, were posted along my normal route to the main roads. I always kind of knew we were on some sort of ‘official’ bike route, but now we’re finally getting the recognition we deserve! Let it be known that the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway Route comes through these parts. Don’t know much about it? Read on my friend, read on….