James Gets Some Love in the Cyclocross Diaries from Barton

I’m a little behind this week on updates, but check out this edition of the Cyclocross diaries. The beloved Crusade announcer “Splinter,” (yes, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles master) throws some great words around about our young fella on the team. The whole edition is great and worth a watch.

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Cyclocross Diaries from Washington County Fair #4 Now Available

It’s always a little moment of happiness for me when the Cyclocross Diaries come out. Heidi and Eric not only gut it out on the course each week, but then they put on their media minds and get busy cranking out the insider report for racers. Couple of glimpses of Pacific Pedaling riders in this edition too…I at least caught James while he was still alive. Enjoy!