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Great Day For The Union Street Bridge Opening

Saturday was the official grand opening of the Union Street Bridge, and while I can’t say much about what happened on the Riverfront side of  things, I *can* report about how things went on the West Salem side, where people stopped for refreshments and information.

Members of the team arrived on the West side of the bridge to set up the tent that would provide refreshments and information for people after the parade and attendees came across the bridge. According to the wrap up article in the Statesman Journal, Salem is on it’s way to bicycle greatness. I’m not so easily convinced, but the bridge is definitely a great step forward.

But on Saturday, the crowds were definitely bigger than I thought may have turned out, with waves of people continuing across the bridge for quite a while. We darn near ran out of cookies, but had TONS of coffee and hot chocolate, and enjoyed getting to see everyone who was wanting to celebrate the big day.

Ideally, the opening of THIS bridge will be a great springboard for the next plan on the table which connects the south end of Riverfront park to Minto Brown. You can find out more about that the Friends of 2 Bridges blog. Also, I won’t reprint all the information, but the SJ article does do a good job of pointing out a bunch of information about bikes and cycling in Salem, including a Blueprint for Better Biking, links for bike maps, education, organizations as well as safety tips for drivers and cyclists alike. Hop over and read the article if you haven’t already.