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Holiday Season with the Pacific Pedaling Gang


2009 was such a great year for and for the Pacific Pedaling team! I’m still working on an end of the year wrap up, but there’s so much to go through that I need a bit more time. However, I did want to post a few notes and photos from the Pacific Pedaling end of year wrap up and Christmas party. First off…click on that photo above. I mean, yeah, every team can try to go out and get some sweet kits, but how many have custom ceramic coffee (or other beverage of choice) team MUGS made?! Go on, click on the picture to see it in all it’s glory. Our very own Martha Paulus made those for all the riders on the team…so stinking cool. One of my favorite moments of the night came when I said something like, “wow Martha…you MADE these??” Martha says, “well, yeah…I *am* a potter,” matter of factly. Guess you had to be there, but my wife and I are still laughing about it. Sorry, these aren’t for sale.


Another favorite moment came when the team showed off their presentation of the Pacific Pedaling team edition framed jersey and photo art. Click on that baby too and take a gander…it really is an impressive work, and I was overwhelmed by such a cool gesture and gift from the team. I also left the night with a sweet Tissot jersey (Tyler knows my watch brand all to well) and super cool leather and canvas bike bag…perfect for the Ira. Again, way too generous guys…a million thanks!


I swear I say this about every other post, but I don’t know how we could have asked for a better group of riders for our inaugural season. In addition to the amazing times riding and racing together, I just flat out dig hanging with these folks, their spouses and their families. It’s a good thing we actually ride sometimes, or I’d spend way too much time eating and laughing with them, and growing exponentially. Martha, Tyler, Ellen, Pat, James, Dave….you are just good folk, and you give cycling a good name. I’m looking forward to us all representing in 2010!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year from!

Racing Team Team at Hornings Hustle and another “W!”


I wasn’t sure the weekend could get much better after a fantastic ride on Saturday, and then a monster tapas bash at Casa De Pez that night, but turns out it DID get better. I had hoped a day of decent miles and a night of birthday partying wouldn’t slow down team members that were hitting the Horning’s Hustle, and thankfully, it didn’t…in fact, tapas may be a secret weapon!

Pat wrapped up a #4 finish in Cat 1 Mens…even though I heard a rumor he wasn’t going to race. I’m slowly finding out with Pat that he can’t say no when it comes time to toe the line! In Women’s Cat 2, Ellen brought home ANOTHER 1st place spot! That’s two for two! What a great start to the season!

I’m so proud of our racers….great job guys!