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Inauguration Bike Related News and Links

innauglogoToday President Elect Barack Obama becomes President of The United States. Around the bike and cycling world, there are many articles and sites connecting two wheels to the big day. We’ll put a few of them here, and will update through the day as interesting things come around. In no particular order:

Valet Bike Parking At Inauguration – With all the security for roads and bridges into the mall and surrounding areas, riding a bike may be the best way to get the big event. However, what to do when you get there? Well, if you trust the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, you can let them park your bike for you.

Or DIY Inaugural Parking – If you’re not one of the 1000+ people who’ve said they’ll be using the valet service, here are some tips on how and where to park on your own. Really, isn’t that more like what Obama would like? Parking for the common man…the every day rider. We don’t need no stinkin’ valet parking!

No Metro For You! – Whatever you do with your bike, don’t plan on taking the metro with it. All day is rush hour.

Longest Commute To The Inauguration Award Goes To – In the “just showing off” category, Ryan Bowen travelled 3159 miles from Los Angeles to St. Augustine, FL, and 750 miles up the Atlantic Coast to Washington DC….on his bike. Props to Ryan…it’s too cold for me to ride the 3 miles to my office today.

Pictures, Or It Didn’t Happen – Urban Velo has posted some photos of bikes in action around the DC area – products being sold, and bicycle powered taxi cabs.

Bike Weightlifters via Bike Hugger – This dude is taking the time to work on some strength training, and seeing only his bike around, used the resources at hand.