Riding Tips

Top Ten Rules of Bicycle Safety


It’s crazy weather off and on out there, and additionally, there is not much daylight. Bike commuters and cyclists in general find themselves in dark and inclement conditions through the next couple of months. I always tell people ‘don’t do anything to surprise another vehicle on the road…whether you are in a car, or on a bike!.’ The League of American Bicyclists have a tremendous amount of resources on their website, including these Top Ten Rules of Bicycle Saftey. Most of us know these, but it’s good to be reminded.

1. Wear a helmet for every ride and use lights at night.

2. Conduct an ABC quick check before every ride.

3. Obey traffic laws: ride on the right, slowest traffic farthest on the right.

4. Ride predictably and be visible at all times.

5. At intersections, ride in the right-most lane that goes in your direction.

6. Scan for traffic and signal lane changes and turns.

7. Be prepared for mechanical emergencies with tools and know-how.

8. Control your bike by practicing bike handling skills.

9. Drink before you are thirsty, and eat before your are hungry.

10. Have fun!