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Salem Community Minto Island Bridge Briefing

Minto Island Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge flyer - click for large size

There will be a special community briefing on Thursday, February 12, regarding the Minto Island Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge at the Salem Public Library in the Anderson Room. The briefing will be held from 5 pm to 7 pm.

A 350 foot bridge is being proposed for pedestrians and bicyclists that will connect users to the existing trail systems Downtown, in Riverfront Park, and on Minto-Brown Island. Stop in to give your take on the design options. More information can be had at

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The Edge, Tweets and Motivation For the Ride


Last week was a roller coaster of a week for me on the bike. While it was sunny off an on, it was still dang cold. I put in a decent amount of miles — getting out every other day, which is pretty good for me, especially in February. And still I can’t say all of them were great miles. Some were downright ugly. Some took an awful lot of work when they shouldn’t have. It didn’t help that Heidi and Russell were both tweeting and twittering away about sunscreen, carbon fiber, hot days and cold pools, endless miles of Arizon roads, and man servants waiting on them hand and foot. Since I was riding solo each of those days, I had a lot of time to think about important things….


Mid Willamette Valley Route Sharing


I just saw this in my Google Alerts and am pumped to see more of this happening.

Cyclists looking to take a mid-valley ride now have an online option for finding or creating routes. The site is being launched today by Linn County Geographic Information Systems and was created in partnership with Albany GIS, the Albany Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission and local cycling clubs.

Users may select a distance range and level of difficulty to produce a custom map or choose a route from one of the 27 listed on a drop-down menu.

Options listed under “select difficulty” include flat, moderate hills, hilly and very hilly. A drop-down menu also allows the user to choose a distance range, starting at less than 20 miles and maxing out at more than 75.

Click the “directions” button on the lower right of the screen and a detailed set of turn-by-turn directions can be viewed and printed out.

You can check out the site here:

There’s more of the article at the website.

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tinab_authorpic1Editor’s Note: Veteran racer Tina Brubaker contributes a great post on the recent Veloforma Team Ride. Tina’s popular posts include the previous Psycho Cross race report, and her video spot highlighting her stint delivering for UPS on a bike. For additional fun, be sure to catch the links at the end of the post for another report on the Veloforma ride from teammate Heidi Swift.

Today I am inspired by a tiny drop of sweat and I know it is going to be a good year.

We all find inspiration in some form or another with each passing season. Sometimes it’s found in sunset or a song, a new job or a new bike, or by special people who come in and out of our lives, but always we are inspired. Each year with racing, there are new faces, new teams, fancy new kits and sometimes even a new helmet, but always there are bikes. And year after year, I am given just the right amount of inspiration, at just the right time, to lure me into another season.

Tina, Heidi, and the rest of the Veloforma crew on a team ride.
Tina, Heidi, and the rest of the Veloforma crew on a team ride.

This year I am privileged to be a part of an amazing group of girls, and when I show up this morning to our team ride, I immediately smile. It is a smile that comes from somewhere deep inside and I realize I am genuinely happy to be here. I’ve always loved my bike, and year after year I seem to enjoy racing and riding more and more. Road, mountain bikes, cross, whatever, my bikes makes me smile…and today, this morning, these girls on their bikes are what make me smile. As we head out, I quickly assess how my legs are feeling and it’s not good….

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4 Great Bike Routes in North Salem / Keizer

This scenic bike route is right out my back door.
This scenic bike route is right out my back door.

I live a very full life day to day. My wife and I stay very busy with 4 kids – 3 in secondary education, and one in preschool. On top of that, we are involved in community organizations and I co-own and help run multiple technology businesses. On many days I’m up at 5:30 or 6 to help get the kids up and off to school, then I’m out to the office by 9, meetings or projects throughout the day, off to some activity for kids or family, help with homework, tuck in kids, catch up on home stuff, and finally shut it down around midnight or later. Then back up the next day to do it again. At nearly 40, it takes it’s toll more than it did 10 years ago, and hardly provides the right schedule for massive amounts of riding or training. Yet some days, the sun, moon and stars all align, and I’m able to take advantage of some great cycling, right out my backdoor. If you haven’t ridden in the north Salem and Keizer area, here are some great options for you…

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BMX Update: Bit the Bullet – Full Report After I Break My Neck

It’s in the back, and on it’s way home (after work anyway) so hopefully my next report isn’t from a hospital bed. Previously thought about in this post.

WeThePeople BMX ride on it's way home....
WeThePeople BMX ride on it's way home....
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Calvin And The Killer Bike

I stumbled across Jason Killingsworth’s blog post, “Five Reasons I Still Adore Calvin & Hobbes” and had to smile as I too am a long time Watterson/Calvin & Hobbes fan. Like Jason, the comics are precious to me, and I all my kids have fallen in love with my collection of books as well. When the girls got their little Morkie, the two top name options were Sprocket and Hobbes. Sprocket mostly won out because we already knew some other Hobbes dogs. Anyway, enough rambling…here’s a classic Calvin & Hobbes bike strip.



Is BMX My MidLife Crisis Bike?


I grew up riding BMX bikes in the neighborhood, the same as every other kid on the block. I delivered papers on my Mongoose, envied my friends Redline, and even was part of the 8 kid chain that laid on the ground to let the one ‘semi-pro’ rider in town prove how many junior high kids he could jump over. Yeah, pretty stupid, but that’s junior high right. I haven’t owned a BMX bike of any sort for over 25 years…but here I am, turning 40 in just a couple months, seriously contemplating one again. Why? Good question…I’m asking myself the same thing…..

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Video: UPS Deliveries By Bike in Salem/Keizer, Oregon

I caught up with local rider/racer, and PacificPedalling guest-poster Tina Brubaker last Thursday for a few moments while she hustled through a portion of her Keizer route, delivering packages for UPS. As you can see from the photo above, that ain’t no gas-guzzlin’ brown van she’s driving, but instead an entirely human powered, good old fashioned bike!

When I found out that Tina had been selected as one of the few cyclists to actually take on this task, I twisted her arm until she relented and allowed me to intercept her in the middle of a route one day. This proved to be a tricky task as the winter storm hit during her first full week. But a last minute email on the only relatively dry day was all I needed to drag out the gear and shoot a quick video. Tina is SUPER efficient, and I promised I wouldn’t stop her from doing her job, but would just work around her, and aside from answering just a question or two for me, she didn’t break stride the entire time.

“I’m thrilled that UPS is on board with the bike thing, and really hope it might extend beyond just the holidays,” Tina said. She admitted that getting paid to ride a bike all day long is a bit of a dream-come-true type of job, but trust me, she’s working plenty hard while out on the route. I had considered some sort of sabbatical from work for a few weeks to apply for the UPS bike gig myself, but when the first day started off in the middle of Oregon’s monsoon season, I questioned my ability to stand up to the task. As evidenced in the footage though, the weather isn’t enough to slow Tina down! Enough of my rambling…watch the video! (PS – you can go to the direct Vimeo page if you want to download the full sized HD version)

UPS Delivery By Bike! Salem, Oregon from nwduffer on Vimeo.


Come Back Monday For A Cool Post

Pictures, videos, fun. I’m looking forward to it…come back on Monday and check out my post to start off the week. Besides, we could be in the middle of the Mother of All Messes as I’ve heard this next storm front being called, so where else you gonna be? That’s right, in front of your puter. Here’s your hint: All dressed in brown, crusin’ the town, the wheels go round and round, even when flakes are falling down.

Come back, check it out. Have a great weekend.