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Great Recycled Bike Gift Ideas

Now that we’re into the holiday season, you may be looking for what you can get (and/or make) for that favorite cyclist in your life. You may enjoy browsing through the recycled, eco-friendly gifts at Resource Revival. Located in Mosier, Oregon (yeah, I had to Google Map it too….) artist Graham Bergh runs the business from an idea he had while on his bike.

“The idea for Resource Revival sprung from my imagination in 1991 when I got a flat tire while biking to my recycling job. That inner tube became a cradle for my stereo speakers and after three years of tinkering with other ideas Resource Revival was born in 1994.
Now we collect tons of discarded bicycle parts every year from bike shops all over the United States.  We clean them using mild detergents, sort them into more categories than you can possibly imagine, and craft them into the cool products you see on our website.”

In addition to their retail store, where you can find sweet gifts like the chainring clock pictured above, Resource Revival also sells promotional and awards products that can be customized with your logo or message. You can also download the sweet free recycled bike part virtual clock for your Mac or PC. Here’s mine on my desktop: