To Serve and Protect….On Two Wheels

Dirt and gravel, dismounts, people yelling from the sidelines, timed laps, thrown chains, obstacles and barriers…sounds like cross season right? Well, it’s not, but instead, the target practice segment of national Law Enforcement Bicycle Association‘s annual training. Sarah Mirk posted about her visit to the training on the Portland Mercury blog this week.

“Here’s the first thing I learned: bike cops don’t actually shoot guns from their bikes. Like other officers, they rarely shoot their guns at all. But when they do, they can’t ready, aim, fire while still pedaling (though that would be AWESOME). Instead they drop their bikes and fire like “normal” police, except that bike cops are often worse shots because their bodies are coursing with adrenaline from riding.”

Be sure to check out the video. Poor guy, chain problems right at the start line. I hope he gets a free entry into the next race.