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green smoothieI’ve already mentioned some general goals for 2009, two of them being losing more weight and racing cross when the season comes back around. The losing weight thing I know how to do – to a certain extent. In 2007 I dropped 50 lbs and can do the caloric crunch again to drop some additional weight. Mix that with drinking enough water, not eating after dinner and exercising regularly, and I know I *can* pick it back up and lose the rest of my goal weight for the year. Just gotta do it.

There are a lot of reasons for wanting to drop weight. Despite hitting my 50 lb goal, I’m still officially obese….egads. Dropping the next 20-30 will get me into a healthier place not just for the upcoming cross season, but riding in general and overall lifestyle. The difference before the 50 lbs to where I’m at now is unbelievable already, and the past two years on the bike, for me, have been phenomenal. And yet, there’s more to do….