Shout Out To The MWVBTA for Breakfast On Bikes

The temperature was not much above freezing this morning as I rode up to the Breakfast on Bikes location down under the bridge, next to the A.C. Gilbert House and Riverfront Park. Yet, Doug, Eric, and Robert were all there, greeting riders with hot coffee and pastries for the monthly B on B on this rescheduled date. For those that don’t know, the Mid-Willamette Valley chapter of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, along with a little help from local businesses like Coffee House Cafe, Cascade Baking Company, Lifesource (a personal favorite of my wife’s) and others, encourages bike commuters each month with a free breakfast, typically held on the last Friday of each month.

Although the weather certainly cut down the number of riders, and a few folks on bike looked like they were on a mission to stay warm and didn’t even slow down, they still said the turn out was better than expected for this late in the year, and the impending cold front that is moving in. The clouds were dark and gloomy coming in from the south, but fortunately, the rain held off throughout the entire duration of the breakfast.

Be sure to stop in next month, and be watching in February and March, when the new pedestrian bridge opens up (pictured in the very back of the image above) located just beyond the Gilbert House, and crossing into West Salem.

Stay warm today!