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The Daily Drive-by at The Pawn Shop


I have this issue. Every time I drive by this pawn shop on the way to or from work, or just about anywhere else, I find myself wondering what kind of bikes are hanging from the hooks out front. It’s not that I actually need another bike, nor am I in the market for anything in particular, but I just can’t pass up a killer deal. Over the years, I’ve found a few in this particular pawn shop. A Marshall amp I turned for a $300 profit, some tools way below value, movies, video games, and various electronics….you know, good old fashioned pawn shop treasures.

So I keep looking, and wondering, each time I drive by, if there’s anything good hanging from the racks. Will I look over one day and see a 30 year old Colnago, all lugged out and sexy, with a $200 price tag on it. Will I be the first to know what they have there? Will I make a valient effort to make certain that every possible law enforcement agency has been scoured to ensure that this wasn’t the result of a theft? Or would I just hope and pray that it was someone who just needed the cash, and I was the lucky beneficiary?

Doesn’t really matter. The best deal I’ve seen so far has been a near-new KHS Urban X commuter bike for $100. By the time I decided to go back and pick it up as a spare, or to give to someone, or just keep at the office as a bike anyone could use…it had been snatched up. And, as is the case in the photo above, most of the time there are usually just Wal-mart or Target specials waiting to become someone’s mode of transportation…nothing that will float my boat. And that’s probably a good thing…I’m not sure how I’d explain one more bike in the garage at this point.

But a guy can dream, and keep looking…right?