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Listen To The Bike Show on KBOO Today at 11 am

Catch my buddy Tori, from Gracie’s Wrench on another episode of The Bike show on KBOO Community Radio. From Tori:

Listen in to the KBOO Bike Show today at 11am. We’ll be discussing the North Portland Greenway Trail. If that doesn’t sound exciting, you haven’t heard where they want to put it! 90.7 on your fm dial.

Always tons of great information on the show. Check it out!


Listen to The Bike Show on KBOO or On The Internet


My buddy Tori, from Gracies Wrench in Portland, is a regular host of The Bike Show on KBOO, and they have an episode this week, Wednesday at 11 am. You can listen on the radio at 90.7 FM (or 100.7 FM if you’re closer to Corvallis) or streaming on the internet – just click the Listen Live button in the top right corner of the site.

While The Bike Show is based out of Portland, and often focuses on specific issues to cycling in and around Portland, they discuss things that are relevant to cyclists everywhere, and topics that make sense for communities outside of Portland as well. I always enjoy listening, if you’re around and have access, tune in to hear for yourself. This episodes topic: “The Bike Show will get down and dirty exploring why mountain biking could make or break Portland’s cycling future and what some folks are trying to do about it. From Forest Park trail usage to the Gateway Green, the fight for more trails is heating up this summer.”