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Greetings from New Orleans!

Our hotel on St. Charles street in New Orleans.
Our hotel on St. Charles street in New Orleans.

I have a few posts to put up about riding in several states across this great country of ours, but we’ve hardly had a minute to breathe, let alone sit and write. However, we have a few quieter days ahead, so I should be able to blog about those soon. Meanwhile, feel free to read about our cross country trip on the little blog we set up for that.

For today, let me just say that the littlest things make me happy. For example, while my kids were all racked out from a long day of driving (complete with a nice chat with the captain of the Washington, Louisiana police force about the speed of my vehicle,) and a late night dinner here in the heart of New Orleans, I hopped on Ira’s site to see what was up. Lo and behold, there’s the phrase I’ve been waiting to read: “Paul’s cross all rounder.”

When I last met Ira, we drew up plans for a sweet cross bike that could also be able to serve double duty as an all around Pacific Northwest type of bike….fenders, racks, etc.  I’m stoked. All these months I’ve been seeing everyone elses name show up on the blog — jealous that they’d soon be riding their sweet custom builds, and today, it looks like we’re just that much closer.

I’m off to have some coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde (you gotta do that in New Orleans, right?) but wanted to update you on the progress of the Ira Ryan build. Too legit now!

Bikes cyclocross

Oh Happy Day! I Drew The Golden Ticket!

An Ira Ryan cyclocross bike, in its natural environment.
An Ira Ryan cyclocross bike, in it's natural environment.

I woke up early this morning sometime in the wee hours of the morning and happened to check my iPhone to find the best email I’d seen in a while; my Ira Ryan frame is next in line to be built! Oh Happy Day! I’ll be going up to get all dialed in this week, but I emailed Ira back to say that I’m really thinking I’ll have him build a cyclocross bike, but would love for it to be flexible enough to serve other road/utility duties beyond that. I love Ira’s enthusiam for all things cycling, and of course his response was as expected…

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Accidental Twinsies – Ira Ryan and We The People

I’ve thought about this a couple times before, but tonight as I was unloading from our holiday weekend trip, I finally put these two bikes together to show how I ended up with accidental twinsies. When I first purchased the WTP bmx bike, this was the one the that most appealed to me…and I walked in and walked out with it off the shelf. Hop forward half a year, and I stumble upon this second hand Ira Ryan frameset, and without even realizing, I had made a color combo match.

Yeah, I’m just realizing what a geek I am for even taking the time to post this.

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Bonktown Strikes Again! Cutter.


I think I’m going to have a weekly Bonktown Strikes Again post where I reveal how easily I’m seduced by apparent good deals as they flash by my status bar. Last week, after getting my lighter-than-any-of-my-ponies Ira Ryan road bike, I realized it needed some water cages. Everytime I’ve ever looked at carbon fiber cages I just laugh at how much they are, but in an amazing display of divine intervention, these rolled across the Bonktown Express right as I was sure they’d be a decent option. No review yet, they just showed up, so I snapped the picture. Gotta put them on the Ira tonight.

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Second Hand Ryans (Ira, that is)

Ira Ryan custom frame

I love Robert Duvall – one of the great actors of our time, and my family loved Second Hand Lions. For some reason that movie came to mind as I drove home from Portland the other night, with a new-to-me Ira Ryan frame (and other stuff) safely tucked into the seat behind me. Yes, I’m on a list to have a custom frame built by Ira. Probably within the next month or so. But after a 22 email exchange with the original owner, we came to a place we could both live with, and I took it off his hands. I’ll likely have a cross bike or something other than a super light, fast frame built…so this was a great opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Enough talking, just more pictures for now – read on to see the rest. (and click em’ for the big ones)