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Getting Taller – The Benefits of Riding My Bike

We recently changed our life insurance policy, and the new company required that I go through all the health crap again – getting weighed, measured, and poked with the needle for my blood. While getting measured I said “so, still 5’9″, or am I starting to shrink yet?” I was making a joke.

“Uh, buddy, you’re 5’7″.” I knew he had to be lying… in fact, my driver’s license says I’m 5’10″…so take that.

“Look, I could stretch and give you 5’8″, but there’s no way it’s 5’9″, and forget 5-10.”

And that was the day I started believing that I had somehow shrunk 2-3 inches from my height. I had heard people say that before – particularly old people mind you — but didn’t think that happened to you before you hit your 40’s. Yet here was this professional, with his professional measurement system, swearing I was less tall than I had previously been. But fortunately for me, I ride a bike. And as it turns out, it may help me become the man I once was, yet again:

There is probably not an exercise more effective at increasing height than the bicycle. Bicycling helps your body in many ways. It is a very aerobic exercise and it strengthens your entire cardiovascular system. This means that the HGH and nutrients in your system can circulate more freely. Also, this kind of aerobic exercise tones your muscles. This includes your legs and back which need this strength during critical periods of growth.

I don’t know who Rodney Williams is, nor have I seen his website before, but if you need to put some height back into your life, and you ride a bike…you might as well take advantage of his helpful tips in this article.

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Say Hello To My Heavy Legs


My legs have been feeling very heavy these days. I mean, they *are* heavy for sure…they make up a good part of the mass that I’m rolling around with, but lately, they feel especially heavy. On my ride with Tyler on Monday, I could not get anything working right, and was just a slug. Today the sun is shining and beautiful, but as I’m kicking around here during work, my legs just feel heavy. Like I could chop-them-off-and-put-them-on-the-back-of-an-Xtracycle-as-cargo kind of heavy. I’m not sure what’s up….

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Taking The Plunge, Going To Yoga Tonight.

No real post here today, except to say that I’m going to try out one of the options on my fitness list from the other day, and am going with my wife to a yoga class tonight. I’ve watched a few episodes of Yoga For Life this week that we DVR’d, but we’re gonna try it for real tonight. Most of the poses sound either tough – like the Warrior Pose, or majestic like the Eagle Pose, or elegant like the Goddess Pose, but I couldn’t find anything like a Buddha Gut Pose, so I could be in trouble.

I’ll let you know how it goes. And unless something goes wrong, cyclocross book review tomorrow as well. Peace.

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Let’s Clear the Air And Thrive

Some billboards really catch my eye, especially if they have anything related to bikes or the riding of said bikes. The blue in the background of this Kaiser Permanente sign yesterday really stood out to me, so I snagged a shot. I also was curious what the “thrive” logo was all about, so I looked it up online and found that KP is promoting some information for a healthier lifestyle. Tips for menus, activities, communities, etc. I honestly didn’t spend too much time, but I’m all for anything that helps promote a healthier life for people.

I’m also all for anything that gets folks out on their bikes, riding more than they normally do, and enjoying the benefits of a self propelled vehicle. I’ve been wondering what it is that will help people to ride more in the year 2009? A bike they feel confident about? Friends who also ride? Gas to shoot back up to $4 per gallon and beyond? What will help the average Joe put two wheels to the ground and tool around for a bit with the wind in their hair? I’d be happy to hear any ideas.