Bike Hugger Covers Globe Bike Brand Launch

Globe bike launch as seen on Hugger Industries on Flickr.
Globe bike launch as seen on Hugger Industries on Flickr.

Most of the time, my attention is not diverted by the lauch of a new bike, or series of bikes. Most of the time it seems as though one of the majors has just put a new coat of paint on a previous years model, or made such a minor change, that it’s just not that exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I totally geek out over bikes and own more than one man probably should. I’m just not usually all worked up over a new line of bikes.

Over at BikeHugger, they’ve been dropping a bunch of photos and reviewish information on the new Globe line of bikes, and I’ve found myself pokin’ around the photos more than I normally do. The Globe line is Specialized’s new effort into the up and coming ‘urban bikes’ market. I’m sure there are still many purists out there who’ll thumb their noses at these bikes, but I’ve really had a thing for nice front racks, baskets and wood crates. Click on the Bike Hugger links above for a really thorough write up and a whole slew of photos. It’s worth a few minutes of your time if you’re interested in some great city bike photos and info.