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Update on Youth Development Team – Flow Riders Pace

I’ve been getting updates from Teresa White, one of the coaches of the Boys and Girls youth development team we help sponsor, also officially known as the Flow Riders. The updates are always a great encouragement to read, and I’ve decided that I need to start sharing those here, especially as we get closer to the Cycle Challenge, on June 26, 2010. If you’d like to come volunteer on a ride and support a local youth program, please note the Saturday ride time in the post and come participate.

Here’s this weeks update from Teresa:


Hey guys!

The Monster Cookie is just around the corner and the Flow Riders have been doing some extra training to get ready for the big day! This past Saturday the Flow Riders went on a short ride of 28 miles out on Macleay. We decided to do a short ride because we wanted to get back to do a little maintenance class with Bob and Robert. The Flow Riders just loved it! I have attached a few pictures of them all hard at work. I can tell you this much, those bikes look fantastic after all the hard work that the Flow Riders put into them!

Saturday there was not much excitement but man have those kids really excelled in their speed. We are averaging about 18 mph now. The Flow Riders have also started to break into two groups naturally…Boys with Robert and Bob and the girls with Joann, Cyndi, and myself. The group hangs together for about 25 miles then of course the levels of conditioning take their tolls.

As we keep pushing for physical success, so does the push for academic success. In the last three weeks I have really seen the academic success take its course. The Flow Riders are telling me about projects and test that they have aced, all of the extra help they are getting from their teacher and the great feeling of having a higher GPA to show for it. They are all growing academically from this experience and I am very proud of them!

As they continue to grow so does the Flow Riders program. If you would like to grow with us please join us at our weekly events.

Tuesday: Spinning @4pm Lancaster Court House
Thursday: Spinning @4pm Keizer Court House
Saturday: Road Ride @9am Wipper Teen Center – Editors note: this ride will start at 10 am this week.

Hope to see all of your out this next Saturday. Unfortunately I will be out of town Saturday participating in a roller hockey tournament so any extra hands that would be available to attend would be great! Thanks again for all of our support and never forget to ride for HOPE and OPPORTUNITY!

Teresa White
Program Coordinator II
Boys & Girls Club of Salem, Marion and Polk Counties

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Local Developmental ‘Flow Riders’ Team Gets Good Press!

Shots of the Flow Riders from the Statesman Journal article.

Last year, Pacific Pedaling signed on to sponsor a few riders in a new youth development cycling team run by the Salem Boys and Girls club. Since that time, riders of the team have been growing in their knowledge of all things cycling, and in their skills on a bike. They have been working out three times a week, building up to participate in a 75 mile challenge on June 26, 2010. In addition to financially supporting the team, members of the Pacific Pedaling team also get out on rides, and help train the team whenever possible, alongside of a slew of other volunteers and coaches. The whole process has been an amazing experience for everyone involved.

This week, the ‘Flow Riders’ got some great coverage in the local Statesman Journal paper…on the front page of the Sunday edition. Click here for the full article, and click here for the photo gallery. If you can grab a copy of the print version, they also have bios of each of the individual riders.

But the team isn’t all about just riding bikes, check out this blurb from the article about expectations for the team:

The program is new, having launched in September, and incorporates road safety courses, nutrition classes and designated times for homework. All but one of the teens were struggling in school, in some cases failing, before committing to the team. Now they are required to maintain a 2.5 grade-point average and turn in regular progress reports to their coaches. “Part of being in this is they have to put time in on academic achievement,” said Tim Sinatra, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of Salem, Marion and Polk Counties.

And if you keep finding ways to make excuses not to ride, check out this snippet:

Bryan Rosales is able to ride a real bike for the first time in his life. He was born with a disability and has limited mobility in his right arm and right leg. He was teased for riding a trike to the Boys & Girls Club that was rigged with a bungee cord to keep his leg in place so he could pedal. Now he rides on the back of a tandem with Sinatra and answers to the nickname “Wingman.” “I clip off my feet and don’t pedal, and he can pedal my weight, his weight and the weight of the tandem,” Sinatra said. “We just need to work on his balance.”

Each rider has their own story, and there is so much good stuff in this article, you really just need to go read it. Seriously, go read it. Why are you still here….go read the article.