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Weekend Tip – Stop By The Saturday Market

Some flowers and visitors at the Salem Saturday Market.
Some flowers and visitors at the Salem Saturday Market.

There is plenty to do this weekend, but I thought I’d toss out this friendly reminder that one of the best places you can spend a few hours is right downtown at the Salem Saturday Market. If you’ve never been before, there are a plethora of reasons why you should shop locally and support businesses in our area. In addition to the Ten Reasons Why To Shop at The Saturday Market (from their website,) the Saturday Market has recently hopped up their efforts to make the location more bike-friendly with Bike Valet Parking, and Bike Safety courses. But in case you still need some encouragement, here are ten more reasons…

1.  Locally grown food tastes better and, because it’s fresher, it lasts longer.  Locally grown produce is usually sold within 24 hours of being harvested.

2.  Local produce is better for you and better for our environment.  Buying local shrinks the number of miles food has to travel before being eaten.  That translates into less use of fossil fuels and significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

3.  Local food preserves genetic diversity and is free of genetically modified biotechnology.

4.  Buying local supports and strengthens local farm families and producers, providing jobs within our community.

5.  Buying local connects our community and allows consumers to know the farmers, understand the seasons and respect the growing process.

6.  Locally grown food preserves open spaces, supports a clean environment and benefits wildlife.

7.  Buying local keeps more dollars in our community.  One study shows that each dollar spent with a local grower is worth $2.50 for the community.

8.  Buying local is a form of rebellion against industrial food and corporate farming.

9.  Buying local is about the future, sustaining local farms, helping preserve the unique character of our community and helping you become a more engaged citizen.

10.  Except for a couple grumps, we’re not a bad lot to throw your support behind.