Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway Route

Yesterday, while on a clear, brisk ride downtown to a quick meeting, I saw some signs in the neighborhood that I hadn’t seen before. These reflective green and white signs with a bike and “WV” on them, were posted along my normal route to the main roads. I always kind of knew we were on some sort of ‘official’ bike route, but now we’re finally getting the recognition we deserve! Let it be known that the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway Route comes through these parts. Don’t know much about it? Read on my friend, read on….


Salem Breakfast on Bikes Friday Nov 28

Although you likely won’t be able to get the new Denny’s Big Bucket O’ Meat and Eggs, you can get a free breakfast Friday, November 28, 2008 from 7am to 9am, at the AC Gilbert House, courtesy of the Mid Valley Chapter of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

The Mid-Willamette Valley Chapter of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance produces Breakfast on Bikes on the last Friday of each month. We want to foster fellowship and connections among bicycle commuters, and to provide encouragement and incentives for new bicycle commuters.

After slamming down a bunch of turkey and trimmings, work a few calories off on your way to work on Friday, and stop by the Gilbert House for a breakfast on your bike! You can read more about breakfast and other items at the Breakfast On Bikes blog.


Dirty Pictures @ PDXCross has done a great job of capturing the some of the best shots of the season on their site — go take a look. My favorite series so far has been the latest Hillsboro series, one of the muddiest yet. From the site about this series of photos:

“This must be what the bull feels like during the bull riding event in a rodeo: slipping and sliding through deep mud with an unwelcome weight clinging to your back. But this was just another day, the final day, of the Cross Crusade series, and we were all there voluntarily, humping our way through the animal-waste-tainted mud without prodding or coersion. We were, we told ourselves over and over, having a good time. In fact, we paid money to do it. We do love this weird sport and the lovely people who do it…even when they are covered in poo.”

Now PDXCross is releasing a book from the 2008 season appropriately named, “Dirty Pictures.” The book will highlight not only photos from the races but commentary, thoughts, and quips from riders and fans who were willing to contribute their two cents.

Hop over to PDXCross and check out their photos from the season.


Cyclophobia – Who Knew?

I have a hard time imagining ever NOT having a bike in the household at any time in the future. However, turns out there are plenty of folks who have the exact opposite sentiment. In fact, I made a joke about my daughter having cyclophobia the other day, and it appears that there is an actual phobia regarding bikes. It may be a disease striking close to home for myself as well. Read on….


Around The World On A Penny Farthing

I crossed the one thousand mile mark last month sometime, which was only half of my goal for the year (although the year’s not quite over yet…) but this guy makes me feel totally inadequate, cycling the globe on an old-school big wheeled baby.

“Jeff Summerfield, who turns 41 this Saturday, left Greenwich Market on May 1, 2006 and has since cycled through 23 countries, living off £5 a day.”

Summerfield, who used to be a Formula One mechanic said he wanted to experience life slowly for a change, which was a change from the world of race engines.

You can read the complete news article here, and see Jeff’s web page about his trip here.