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Greetings from New Orleans!

Our hotel on St. Charles street in New Orleans.
Our hotel on St. Charles street in New Orleans.

I have a few posts to put up about riding in several states across this great country of ours, but we’ve hardly had a minute to breathe, let alone sit and write. However, we have a few quieter days ahead, so I should be able to blog about those soon. Meanwhile, feel free to read about our cross country trip on the little blog we set up for that.

For today, let me just say that the littlest things make me happy. For example, while my kids were all racked out from a long day of driving (complete with a nice chat with the captain of the Washington, Louisiana police force about the speed of my vehicle,) and a late night dinner here in the heart of New Orleans, I hopped on Ira’s site to see what was up. Lo and behold, there’s the phrase I’ve been waiting to read: “Paul’s cross all rounder.”

When I last met Ira, we drew up plans for a sweet cross bike that could also be able to serve double duty as an all around Pacific Northwest type of bike….fenders, racks, etc.  I’m stoked. All these months I’ve been seeing everyone elses name show up on the blog — jealous that they’d soon be riding their sweet custom builds, and today, it looks like we’re just that much closer.

I’m off to have some coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde (you gotta do that in New Orleans, right?) but wanted to update you on the progress of the Ira Ryan build. Too legit now!