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PIMP MY ECO-RIDE CONTEST: Win a Strida Folding Bike!


I’ve been chatting so much about my Bike Friday folding bike for our 3 week trip, that I was excited to see this giveaway for a different brand; a Strida folding bike. It doesn’t take much to win the bike either, you just have to prove that your current bike sucks enough to warrant Inhabitat giving you this new Strida SX. According to their site:

“As the weather gets warmer we’re looking forward to spending plenty of sun-soaked days outdoors – and what better way to take full advantage of the beautiful weather than by breezing along on a slick bicycle? We here at Inhabitat want to encourage the use of the world’s most eco-efficient (and fun) mode of transportation, so we’ve teamed up with our fantastic friends at Areaware to give away a styling brand new STRiDA 5.0 SX Limited folding bike!

All you have to do to win is provide us with photographic evidence of why you need this awesome bicycle – is your current ride a crusty old clunker? Is there a mammoth mountain of steps leading up to your 6th floor walkup apartment? Whatever the case, upload your photos after the jump and leave a comment explaining why we should pimp your eco-ride, and we’ll be selecting one lucky winner to receive this beautiful limited edition Strida bicycle valued at $950!”

I don’t know much about this bike, except for watching this comparison race video a long time ago, but hop on out and get your entry in.

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Win A Sweet Madsen Cargo Bike In July


For the past year, I’ve been telling myself I need some sort of cargo bike. I’d love to ride to work more often, but find myself hauling something that ends up pushing me into the car instead. I’ve looked at building up an Xtracycle for a long time, but these sweet Madsen cargo bikes have really been catching my eye.

So I was thrilled to see that MADSEN Cargo Bikes is running a contest, and giving away two bikes in July. If you’d like more information on how to get in on the action, you can click the little banner below for all the details:

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Now, I personally don’t see myself on a bike with a big ol’ tub on it. I do like that blue, but the tub just isn’t working for me. I’ve liked both the Xtracycles and Yuba’s for their handy dandy rear racks. This black Madsen really seems to be a great version of that same type of bike.

bike_rack_black_largeOf course, I’d probably still have a hard time convincing my cyclophobic 15 year old to hop on the back deck and go for a ride, but maybe if I outfitted it with enough safety harnesses and a power outlet to recharge her phone, I could talk her into it!