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Wright Sock – My Favorite Socks For Riding

WrightSock Running socks....good for bikes too!
WrightSock Running socks....good for bikes too!

I like to fancy myself a fairly simple guy. Sure I appreciate a well built bike, and can even justify the expense of something beyond an off the shelf model, but in most areas I think I like to keep things simple. I typically have just a couple pairs of jeans and a few shirts that I cycle through for my normal day to day attire. I like driving old trucks, and had some of my most fun driving an ugly beat up VW Rabbit long past it’s usefulness as a contributing member of the vehicular society. Sometimes simple is just good.

Now, that being said, I don’t normally get excited about socks. They are just the sweat barrier between my flat feet and whatever shoes I’m wearing. However, the exception to that rule is when I wear my favorite socks — WrightSock Running socks. I bought these on a whim before a ride last summer from the local run shop. I actually popped in to pick up some Tifosi glasses, and saw some black running socks that seemed like they might be decent for riding with. WrightSock likes to say:

This Anti-Blister Double Layer sock has an exceptional 2 layer system that pulls moisture away from your skin and brings it to the top layer where a quick evaporation process works it’s magic , thus keeping your feet cool and dry. With an outer layer of mid weight Dri-Wright polyester for ultimate moisture control and an inner layer of that same amazing material, combined you have a complete moisture wicking friction free “machine”.

All I can say is that my feet love these socks. No matter how I say it, it’s gonna sound weird, but some days when I’m not riding, but want to treat my feet to a little something special…I toss these babies on. Is that wacky? Maybe, maybe not, but these socks are one of the simplest joys in my life. Do you have a favorite brand/type of sock, or other simple pleasure item for cycling?