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A Sunny, Chilly Breakfast on Bikes at the Union Street Bridge

Good group of breakfast riders this morning.
Good group of breakfast riders this morning.

This morning I saw more folks at the Breakfast on Bikes than I’ve seen in previous months. I’m sure the sunny morning brought a few folks out, and I’m sure the recently opened Union Street Bridge location also helped. It was a fantastic morning to be out riding into work, sharing a cup of coffee with other people on bikes, and thinking that this is the start of a great Summer just around the corner. Hope to see a bunch of you out on the Cookie!

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March Breakfast On Bikes This Friday 3/27

Once again the friendly folks over at The Mid-Willamette Valley Chapter of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance will be providing a free breakfast for bicycle commuters on the last Friday of the month. B on B had been hanging around my neck of the woods over the winter months, but will be in a different part of town this month. From the site:

On Friday, March 27th, Breakfast on Bikes will be at 12th & Chemeketa on the Promenade just east of the railroad tracks. We’ll have free coffee, pastries, and fruit for bicyclists between 7am and 9am.


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One Year Old Breakfast and Getting the Call Up

Ok, the actual breakfast isn’t a year old, but it has been a year since the good folks over at the Mid-Willamette Valley BTA have been putting on the Salem area Breakfast on Bikes. This Friday, February 27th, marks the one year anniversary, and they will be once again serving breakfast at the inaugural location at Mission and Winter Street. From the B on B site:

Yes, we’ve done it now for a year. When we started it we weren’t sure how it would go over. But it’s been great fun! Here’s to year two!

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I’m off to perform my civic duty this morning. I typically avoid showing like the plauge, but figure you can only get your number called so many times before someone starts hunting you down…which is never good for my people. So, I’m off to be a good upstanding member of society.

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Breakfast On Bikes Tomorrow In Salem, Friday January 30

If you’re in Salem, and riding your bike tomorrow to work, be sure to stop in on the Capitol steps downtown, for a little Breakfast on Bikes. The guys from the local BTA once again will be making your morning commute a little brighter by providing some nourishment on a chilly morning. From the BoB site for this month’s location:

With the Holidays over, we’ll be returning to our regular “last Friday” schedule for Breakfast on Bikes. Please join us between 7am and 9am on the Capitol steps on Friday, January 30.

I personally have to be out of town tomorrow bright and early, so I’ll miss it this month, but thanks again guys for taking care of us out on the morning routes!

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Shout Out To The MWVBTA for Breakfast On Bikes

The temperature was not much above freezing this morning as I rode up to the Breakfast on Bikes location down under the bridge, next to the A.C. Gilbert House and Riverfront Park. Yet, Doug, Eric, and Robert were all there, greeting riders with hot coffee and pastries for the monthly B on B on this rescheduled date. For those that don’t know, the Mid-Willamette Valley chapter of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, along with a little help from local businesses like Coffee House Cafe, Cascade Baking Company, Lifesource (a personal favorite of my wife’s) and others, encourages bike commuters each month with a free breakfast, typically held on the last Friday of each month.

Although the weather certainly cut down the number of riders, and a few folks on bike looked like they were on a mission to stay warm and didn’t even slow down, they still said the turn out was better than expected for this late in the year, and the impending cold front that is moving in. The clouds were dark and gloomy coming in from the south, but fortunately, the rain held off throughout the entire duration of the breakfast.

Be sure to stop in next month, and be watching in February and March, when the new pedestrian bridge opens up (pictured in the very back of the image above) located just beyond the Gilbert House, and crossing into West Salem.

Stay warm today!


Breakfast on Bikes Rescheduled to Friday 12/11

Just heard from Salem Breakfast on Bikes that December’s B on B will be TOMORROW, rather than the previously scheduled end of the month date.

After much discussion we decided not to hold B on B the days after Thanksgiving and Christmas or to try to move them up a week. Instead, we will hold Breakfast on Bikes on Friday, December 12, between 7am and 9am.

As we were in June, on the 12th we’ll be on Water Street across from the A.C. Gilbert House, right where the bike path off-ramp from the Center Street Bridge merges with Water Street and Riverfront Park.

A map, sponsor information, and other details are on the Breakfast on Bikes blog.


Thanksgiving Thoughts and the Friday After

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we’ll be spending it with family and friends, enjoying a day off to hang out, eat, and enjoy the company of those we love. I’d love to hear any of the plans that you have for the holiday, but mostly I hope everyone is able to recognize those things in life we can be thankful for, even in tricky times.

I’m daily thankful for a wonderful family that loves and supports me, and allows me to get out and ride and even gets out there with me from time to time. I’m thankful for good friends and good food, and those moments when they all come together. I’m thankful for our business, and the opportunity it affords me to write about the wackiness of loving bikes and riding them. I’m thankful for my inter-friends too; those who’ve stumbled here somehow and taken the time to read, and come back to see what’s going on here. Generally, I realize I’m a pretty blessed person in every way possible.

On Friday, when many people will be out knocking each other over for discounted Disney movies and waffle irons, I plan to do a few things….in no particular order.

1. Sleep in a little bit – I may get to to do this Thursday as well, but every non-holiday is up and going by 6 am, so I’m looking forward to relaxing at least an extra hour. If nothing else, maybe enjoying a nice cup of coffee in bed with that gorgeous blond lady that lives here.

2. Stop by Breakfast on Bikes – If I get up with enough time to swing by, I’m planning on running down the the Gilbert House to check out the B on B that is right around the corner from my office.

3. Not Hit Any Black Friday Stores – for some reason I’ve never really been a Black Friday shopper, so that’s not all that difficult for me anyway. If you want to join the actual Buy Nothing Day cause, start out at Wikipedia and read more about that.

4. Put Some Miles in on Two Wheels – so far the weather looks like it might be agreeable, so after B on B, I’m hoping to get out for a couple hours and just ride. Best way to spend the day after Thanksgiving.

5. Come home and hang with the Fam – no plans for Friday means taking care of stuff around the house. Maybe a movie, and cleaning the garage.

Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your day after!


Salem Breakfast on Bikes Friday Nov 28

Although you likely won’t be able to get the new Denny’s Big Bucket O’ Meat and Eggs, you can get a free breakfast Friday, November 28, 2008 from 7am to 9am, at the AC Gilbert House, courtesy of the Mid Valley Chapter of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

The Mid-Willamette Valley Chapter of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance produces Breakfast on Bikes on the last Friday of each month. We want to foster fellowship and connections among bicycle commuters, and to provide encouragement and incentives for new bicycle commuters.

After slamming down a bunch of turkey and trimmings, work a few calories off on your way to work on Friday, and stop by the Gilbert House for a breakfast on your bike! You can read more about breakfast and other items at the Breakfast On Bikes blog.