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Beautiful Weekend for a Birthday Ride

40 for 40 Birthday Ride with team members, Paul Lopez, Darrell Trussell (honorary member for the day,) Ellen Miller, James Cloyd and Pat Kudszus. Photo at the halfway stopping point, The Banker's Cup, in St. Paul. Photo - Nick Lopez.

Last week I turned 40. I had told some friends that I wanted to go out and log a mile for each year that I’d been alive and planned a quick little mild 40 miles out to St. Paul and back. Darrell, Ellen, James and Pat all came along on what turned out to be a beautiful ride on a beautiful day. It started out a little chilly, but warmed up decently by the end of the ride. I could really ramble on about how great of a day it was, but let me just bullet point some highlights:

  • At one corner on Windsor Island we met a truck coming down a farm road and we clearly had the right of way, but he sped up to get out on the road in front of us, cutting us off, and James gave him a friendly wave….just to say “hi” as James like to say. The farmer fella didn’t appreciate it, and flew us the bird as he sped off. I kept my eyes open the rest of the 40 miles for that black pickup.
  • Speaking of James, I was proud of him getting out and slicing off 40 so quickly after his surgery. Way to gut it out.
  • Speaking of gutting it out, my buddy Darrell is on the newer side of cycling, and was riding his mid 80’s KHS steel frame bike weighing in at 40-45 pounds by our best guess. He also rode without water and in tennis shoes on his flat pedals…and kept up with the group. Nice job Big D!
  • Pat pulling away when the topic of Halloween came up again. Classic.
  • Being chased by the paparazzi and a nice tailwind on the way home.

Seriously, I couldn’t imagine a better day to get out and celebrate on the bike. Thanks guys for coming out to celebrate with me! Here are a few more quick shots from Nick of the ride back.

Pat, looking out for that black pickup.
Ellen, flying on the way home.
Paul and James, waving .....yeah, that's probably what his wave was like to the black truck too. Maybe it was the big grin that got the farmer worked up 🙂