Vintage Raleigh on Recycled Site Blog Banner

Check out the cool banner (click for full size) over at, featuring this vintage Raleigh circa-1950’s English woman’s bike. (A search on Flickr brings up a lot of Roadster models with the same components.) The bike on the site has the old lever/rod system as opposed to cables to engage the brakes, and the brake pads pull up into the rims as opposed to pushing in from the sides. There’s a Sturmey-Archer internal 3 speed hub on the rear, vintage leather bag under the seat, and bright red reflector on the back fender. Very cool old vintage bike. Here’s another shot from an article on recycled t-shirts inside the blog.

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Let’s Clear the Air And Thrive

Some billboards really catch my eye, especially if they have anything related to bikes or the riding of said bikes. The blue in the background of this Kaiser Permanente sign yesterday really stood out to me, so I snagged a shot. I also was curious what the “thrive” logo was all about, so I looked it up online and found that KP is promoting some information for a healthier lifestyle. Tips for menus, activities, communities, etc. I honestly didn’t spend too much time, but I’m all for anything that helps promote a healthier life for people.

I’m also all for anything that gets folks out on their bikes, riding more than they normally do, and enjoying the benefits of a self propelled vehicle. I’ve been wondering what it is that will help people to ride more in the year 2009? A bike they feel confident about? Friends who also ride? Gas to shoot back up to $4 per gallon and beyond? What will help the average Joe put two wheels to the ground and tool around for a bit with the wind in their hair? I’d be happy to hear any ideas.

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Weddings On Bikes

Today my wife and I celebrate 18 years together. Nobody told us how tricky, and downright tough marriage could be…but even if they did, we weren’t listening anyway because we were in love and knew it all at our young age! However, nobody would have been able to tell us how wonderful life together is either. They wouldn’t have been able to explain how two people can learn so much from one another and how everyday can be something special if you’re both willing to pour into one another and work towards a common goal. Likewise, there’s no way to convey how incredible the process of raising your kids can be…really, you just have to be there.

Although I did ride a Trek Antelope 820 off and on back in the day, we didn’t have cycling in our lives the way we do today. Some of our favorite times on bikes together are making a mid-ride stop a nice little coffee shop and sitting and sipping together, or riding down to the Saturday Market to spend the morning together. I look forward to many, many years together, seeing what we can on two wheels, as the time allows.

The photo above is not us, is by photographer Josh Goleman, but shows such great emotion. Here’s a great video of two newlyweds pedalling along:

And finally, the beauty and the beast, hunting for a tree with the kids for our 19th Christmas tree as married folk. Happy Anniversary babe!


Hanging Up The Bikes, But Not For Good

Well, I finally have to come to terms with the fact that my bikes are taking up too much room around the house, or specifically the garage. I have a home office built in one corner of the garage for when I work from home, but lately it’s become a bit of a storage closet more than anything else – computers, musical equipment, bikes, bike parts, bike tools, bike stands, bike rollers…you get the idea. Sadly, my obsession is forcing family members to walk through a maze of frames, wheels, cables, and anything else I’ve left out, let alone one of more than a handful of complete or near-complete bikes. Something had to be done….read on…