Battlecreek Cross Video

Battlecreek Cross from nwduffer on Vimeo

I need to play with some export settings yet, as I either stretched my video or got this letterbox effect on it. It also doesn’t seem quite as smooth as it should, but I’ll upload a different version when I get it all dialed in. Also, go to Battlecreek Cross to see the slightly larger version. Thanks for watching!


Battlecreek Cross As A Spectator

Note: I’ll have the video I shot with my HV30, Letus 35mini, and Nikkor lens posted in the next couple days, please check back!

As noted in my previous post, Saturday was the Battlecreek Cross race, held on my old golf stomping grounds, at the old Battlecreek Golf Course. Above is a shot of racers coming through one of the former sandtraps on this golf course turned cross course for the rainy race. I had two goals for Saturday: 1) check out an actual cross race up close, and 2) get some decent footage with my new video set up. Read on to get the post-race wrap up.