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More Info About Phil Keoghan’s Big Ride


A couple weeks ago, I blogged about Phil Keoghan’s upcoming ride across America for MS. Phil is the host of the Amazing Race show – one of the original reality competition series. Well Phil and crew have launched off, and in big fashion. On his site,, you can check out the daily travel routes, photo journal, video blog, and a bunch of other information. They have 39 days of 100 or more miles planned. On the first day they rode 127 miles, with 7500 feet of elevation, in 11 hours, and it was the longest ride Phil had done to that point. He’s flipping back and forth between a Specialized Transition and Roubaix, and loading up on plenty of strategically placed nutrition products.

Anyway, I love Phil, and the Amazing Race. Here’s to a safe and amazing ride!