June Breakfast on Bikes and Much More

One of my favorite times of the month is when I get the all-inclusive, know-everything-about-bikes-in-Salem emails from Eric Lundgren, man about town on two wheels. Man, are these updates getting longer? Are there MORE things to do on two wheels than ever before??? YES!

Wait…isn’t it supposed to be sunny out?  The weather may be mercurial just now, but there’s lots of great bicycling opportunities in the next month!

Breakfast on Bikes
– Friday, May 28th
On Friday, the 28thth, between 7am and 9am  Breakfast on Bikes will be at 12th and Chemeketa.  Please join us!  And please remember our sponsors!
Cascade Baking Company
Coffee House Cafe
LifeSource Natural Foods
Salem Bicycle Club
Willamette University Sustainability Council

Mechanics from Santiam Bicycle will also be available for quick check derailleur adjustment, lube, and tire inflation!

(And we still need a few more volunteers to help with pick-up and delivery of food!  If you’d like to help B on B occasionally, please let me know!  Thank you.)

Kidical Mass – Sunday, May 30th
The Mini Cookie Metric Decade was a blast. The “Friends & Flowers” ride meets at Englewood Park at 2pm.  Decorate your bike with flowers and flowery flair!  (And be sure to read the Salem Weekly profile! – Kat needs help with planning the fall and taking over the project, so there’s more volunteer opportunities there!)

Vision 2020 – Wednesday, June 2rd
The Vision 2020 Bicycle and Pedestrian workgroup meets the first Wednesday of each month from noon to 1:30pm.

SKATS Transportation Improvement Program Open House – Wednesday, June 2rd
Learn more about the projects Federal and State dollars will fund between 2010 – 15.  4:00-7:00 p.m., MWVCOG Conference Room, 109 High St. SE.  There will also be a hearing on the 22nd, at which time public comment will close.

Oregon Bike Summit
– Friday, June 4th

Alice Awards & Auction – Saturday, June 5th
Support the BTA, honor the superstar advocates, and have a whole lot of fun.  There’s nothing like seeing an entire ballroom of passionate supporters of bicycling!

Friends of Salem Saturday Market Bike Valet – Saturday, June 5th
Bike valet service returns to the market!  Another reason to bike on Saturday.

Bicycle Maintenance Class – Thursday, June 10th
Chemeketa Community College and Bike Peddler offer a bike maintenance class.  For more info and how to register see here.

Pedalpalooza – June 10th through June 27th
There might be no greater celebration of things bikey than Pedalpalooza.  If you’re going to be up in Portland, you should check out the schedule and see if anything suits you!  And maybe you’ll find an idea or inspiration for something you want to organize here in Salem!

MWVBTA Meeting – Tuesday, June 15th
The Mid-Willamette Valley chapter of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance meets the third Tuesday of each month from noon to 2pm at the Sassy Onion.  Check the breakfast blog for more agenda and meeting details.

SKATS Transportation Improvement Program Public Hearing – Tuesday, June 22nd
Comment on the projects Federal and State dollars will fund between 2010 – 15.  12:00 Noon, Senator Hearing Room, Courthouse Square, 555 Court St. NE.

Breakfast on Bikes – Friday, June 25th

Boys and Girls Club Cycle Challenge
– Saturday, June 26th
The Boys and Girls Club rolls out a new ride this year!  The Cycle Challenge will be a spectacular ride through the Willamette Valley through vineyards, the Oregon Gardens, over the historic Gallon House covered bridge and across the Willamette River on the Wheatland Ferry. Choose from a 75-mile route, a 40-mile route or bring the kids for the family fun ride through the park.  Children on the fun ride will get a medal when they finish!

Kidical Mass – Sunday, June 27th

Fairview Circuit Race – Sunday, June 27th

Introduction to Bicycling Class & Ride – Saturday, July 3rd
Look for more information and probably a new website!  League Cycling Instructor Gary Obery is going to start a introduction to city bicycling class and ride aimed at teenagers and adults new to bicycling.  We’ll have more on this next month, but it looks to be an exciting new program during the summer!

Ongoing Rides:
Santiam Bicycle Beginning Mountain Biking Rides – check the message board for next ride!
Salem Bicycle Club High Wheeler Rides – Introductory club rides every Sunday afternoon at 1:30
Salem Bicycle Club Family Rides – Shorter club rides every Thursday evening at 6:30pm.

Other News:
Updating the Salem-Keizer Bike Maps – Help identify low-traffic alternatives to bike lanes on busy streets!
Summer Bike Counts – Look for an announcement on date & time for orientation and training!
Cherriots Fastlane program – Register, Ride, and Win!
And if this is not enough, there’s always more on the Breakfast Blog!


Catch My Buddy Tori, and The Bike Show on KBOO Today!


Got this note from my buddy Tori over at….tune in today if you get a chance!

Hey all,

As the year comes to a close and many changes are upon us in Portland bicycling from new Morrison Bridge access for cyclists, to a new executive director of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA), we take a closer look at the State of Bicycling in Portland.

We’ll be joined by Roger Geller, City Bicycle Coordinator in the Office of the Director and creator of the Bicycle Master Plan. The 2030 Bicycle Plan is the crystal ball to the future of cycling and the city’s goals. We’ll talk with him about where we are now and where the city hopes to be by 2030. Also joining us will be Michelle Poypourow from the BTA to bring us their own version of where they see Portland now and what they hope to see in the new plan.

Are we dreaming too big or not big enough? Have we got all we need or is this only the beginning? Join us for an in-depth discussion and bring your own questions, concerns and vision of the future of Portland transportation.

If you miss the show or you’re from out of town you can also catch the podcast (usually up a few hours after the show) at

Thanks and happy listening!
Tori Bortman


James Gets Some Love in the Cyclocross Diaries from Barton

I’m a little behind this week on updates, but check out this edition of the Cyclocross diaries. The beloved Crusade announcer “Splinter,” (yes, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles master) throws some great words around about our young fella on the team. The whole edition is great and worth a watch.


SSCXWC 09 Energy Dome + Thunderdome = Good Times

Ellen rocking the DEVO kit for the SSCXWC race to close off the crazy weekend!
Ellen rocking the DEVO kit for the SSCXWC race to close off the crazy weekend!

Editors Note: This is the second of our Pacific Pedaling lady racers reports from the past weekend. Thanks to Ellen Miller for contributing this wrap up report. Be sure to also check out Martha’s report just before this one too! Thanks ladies! Some of my favorite shots here, and the full couple hundred on our Flickr page here.

To start off my inaugural blog/race report I would like to give huge ‘props’ to our team owner/director sportif, Paul Lopez. He has been the most amazing support this entire year. The beauty of this team is that it is a gift from Paul, his business, and his family for some local Salem racers to have fun. There is no need for glory or payback, just have fun. Also, big kudos to Pacific Pedaling rider, Tyler Jackson for his 2nd place finish Sunday in the Clydes…way to go Tyler!

Tyler making quick work of the long muddy uphill barriers.
Tyler making quick work of the long muddy uphill barriers.

This last weekend with the rain, mud, and wind Paul was there with his trailer, heaters, delicious hot pork rib sandwiches, and even a handmade Roland keyboard to complete my SSCXWC Devo costume! Paul, thank you for everything!

Transitions are always a challenge in my life. On Sunday at PIR I assumed that many racers would be participating in the A race and the SSCXWC, so I planned on making it work. “Staging for SSCXWC at 345” they announced, but our race didn’t even start until 315. This was going to be interesting.

The Drum Corps kept the beat pumping for riders and fans all afternoon long.
The Drum Corps kept the beat pumping for riders and fans all afternoon long.

As we waited for our whistle, we chatted among ourselves to see who was in for both races. Kari from Velo Bella rolled up next to me and mentioned that she planned on doing the SS race but was sad that her pink sparkle boots didn’t pass the run-up test. I later found out she won the women’s SSCXWC. Congrats Kari, hopefully you will find an occasion to wear your new yellow sparkle bikini with your pink sparkle boots.

I was having a ball racing the Cross Crusade course. The course was a perfect combination of fast stretches, deep mud, greasy corners and silly, slippery off camber sections that even made the fastest A’s humble. When I began my fourth lap I glanced at my watch, 350pm, yikes! I b-lined it back to the van and with Pat and Paul’s help got taped into my Devo kit and I was off to the SSCXWC staging area.

Throngs of fans covered the hillside next to the muddy barrier runup and the tricky off camber corner.
Throngs of fans covered the hillside next to the muddy barrier runup and the tricky off camber corner.

I made it just in time to throw my bike in the pile and find the ladies lined up in a pretty little row. For some reason the women were staged off to the side away from the circle of men. It kind of made me feel second class. The start was a Le Mans start where everyone had to run to their bikes and then jump on the course. We were given the wave by Potestio’s magic wand and the race was on.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that chaotic to get onto the course. We were definitely in a traffic jam, but it was a fun kind of jam full of heckling and laughing. After the first barriers, run-up and off camber section we were already spreading out. Much to my delight, I realized I was riding next to Trebon. Much to my dismay, as soon as I noticed him I hit the fence and rode it like a cheese grater. I am a total star struck kind of girl. After I recovered, I was determined to stalk him for the first lap. He was obviously taking a joy ride approach to this race. I followed him, listened to others heckle him and even saw him put his foot down on an easy corner. Then I got distracted by a bacon hand-up, mmmm bacon. It was fresh off the skillet and delicious. Thank you bacon hand-up boy! I got back on track to chasing Trebon and then quickly lost him to the stripper bus. I was very torn about this short cut. Although I do not wish to condone behavior that leads to misogyny, I also have a serious case of FOMS (fear of missing something). I forgot my dollars. I had no choice.

Fans and ruffians climb onto the Thunderdome to 'encourage' riders passing through.
Fans and ruffians climb onto the Thunderdome to 'encourage' riders passing through.

The course was completely annihilated by the rain and the thousand racers earlier. It was a blast just playing around with different lines and heckling each other. There was never a good line for the run-up after the off-camber section and the cheese grater fence. I felt like every time I was on that run-up I was looking up some guys skirt in front of me or some mud stain up someone’s briefs. Fortunately, the Lanimal was at the top of this section with some refreshments.

On every lap the crowd was awesome, setting up jumps, making noise in any way possible, yelling encouraging words and yelling discouraging words. The energy in the Thunderdome was pretty cool. You couldn’t wipe the smile off your face for the whole lap after going through there. If you could bottle that, I would never need a Hammer product again.

Fire jugglers entertained the Thunderdome crowds.
Fire jugglers entertained the Thunderdome crowds.

Just as soon as I noticed that it was getting dark, the race was over. Even though my Devo pants had become Devo chaps at that point, I wanted to keep going. The next lap I was going to try to ride the high ridge versus the low puddle, I was going to try to get air on the jumps, I was going to find a dollar in the mud and see what was in that bus! I guess the moral of my story racing cross this year is you never know when your last lap is going to be. Ride every lap like it is your last.

Thanks to everyone who made Sunday at PIR such a fabulous day. A special thanks to Dani Dance and crew for hosting SSCXWC.










OBRA Championships Report and Favorite Photos

Martha and Ellen, both happy and muddy after a cold and wet day of racing!
Martha and Ellen, both happy and muddy after a cold and wet day of racing!

Editors Note: This week, the ladies of Pacific Pedaling offered to report on last weekends crazy full schedule of racing. This report is brought to you by Martha Paulus and includes some of my favorite shots from the day. Another hundred and some photos are on the Flickr page – click here for those. Thanks Martha!

Saturday the Oregon State Fairgrounds hosted the last race in the Willamette Valley Cross Series and the  event was also for the OBRA Cross Championship . The organizers worked hard and put on a great race.  I stopped by Friday to help out and to get a sneak peek at the course.  It was a long one, 2.2 miles.  It meandered through the fairgrounds horse arena, motocross track, volleyball court, warm-up barn, and out into an open grassy area.

Martha killing it in the motocross arena.
Martha killing it in the motocross arena.

The morning of the race was pleasant and little sunny.  I went out to cheer on Paul during his race and was pleased to see the chopped motorcycle track had already been tracked out making for a much easier section.   I noticed a medic attending to several people who appeared to have road rash due to slippery spots on pavement no doubt.  Note to self, don’t take the corners too fast.

Tyler working his way through the life sucking grassy part of the course.
Tyler working his way through the life sucking grassy part of the course.

At the 2 pm line up for the woman’s race the weather  had taken a turn for the worse.  The start was fast as it went down a paved section the length of the motorcycle arena and then a hard left which was slick.  As I headed for the first pass through the warm-up barn and out into the open part of the course the rain was coming down pretty hard.  The open grassy section was tough,  back to back barriers through switch back turns and mud of course.  As I remounted and headed back in, the headwind made my bike feel like it weighed a 100 lbs.  Ouch!  More winding around through grass, water, mud to the sandpit for a mandatory dismount.  This wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, however I’m glad the organizers shortened the distance, five more strides would have killed me.

Paul smiling too much....gotta sign up for Heidi Swift's Cyclocross Mean Face class.
Paul smiling too much....gotta sign up for Heidi Swift's Cyclocross Mean Face class.

Before entering the warm-up barn again, I struggled  through the longest stretch of mud the course had to offer.  I could see my team tent at the far end of the barn and got a much needed boost in morale.  That headwind nearly crushed me.  The horse arena was great, hearing the live band play as I made my way though the loamy dirt helped spirits too.  Did I mention that I’m second to last in Women’s Masters 35+ at this point and only 1 lap in?  Whatever, I’m having fun out there in spite of the pain.   Now on to the motocross track and I feel better and gain some ground on another girl.  Yeah!  Uh oh, she’s pulling away from me on the flat parts again!

Muddy Pat.
Muddy Pat.

I had a great time doing the Willamette Valley Cross series!  Thank you to all the sponsors who made it happen.









PDXCross Knocks Out Killer Shots at PIR….Again!

Pat working a tough, muddy off camber section at PIR. Photo copyright PDXCross.
Pat working a tough, muddy off camber section at PIR. Photo copyright PDXCross.

We had a HUGE weekend of racing with OBRA Cyclocross Championships here in Salem on Saturday, Cross Crusade #7 at Portland International Raceway in Portland on Sunday, and wrapping up with the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships to wrap up the day. Whew! We have some great race reports and TONS of photos starting tomorrow, but for today, check out some cool shots from PDXCross. James gets another 15 minutes of fame, and this time Pat gets in on the action too, pictured above.

James bombing down the crazy muddy off camber crash zone. The crowd roared when he flew through. Photo copyright PDXCross.
James bombing down the crazy muddy off camber crash zone. The crowd roared when he flew through. Photo copyright PDXCross.

I was shooting over at the run up and heard the crowd explode and then saw James come out the other end of the off camber mud pit. I figured he either crashed hard, or bombed the corner…sure enough, he kept the bike upright and pleased the crowd.

Be sure to hop over to PDX Cross to see complete photo wrap ups from the weekend races.


Bike Commute Challenge Afterparties!

Got this email this morning from Salem Bike Maestro, Eric Lundgren, wrapping up the Bike Commute Challenge with a Portland and Salem party to celebrate the month of commuting by bike. Read on to get the details!

Hello BCC Captains!

It was epic! More people than ever from the Salem-Keizer area
participated. Portland is having an after-party this evening, and
we’ve pulled one together for tomorrow night!

(Originally we tried to organize something for Thursday, too, but we
had to change gears.)

Check out local rankings, meet and mingle with fellow bike commuters,
and reward yourself with a frosty beverage compliments of Widmer

The party will be at the brand new downtown Indigo Wellness Yoga
Center, at 155 Liberty Street NE.


It’s best accessed from the alley behind the Reed Opera House. The
social will start at 6:30pm and last until about 8pm. Stop by on your
way to dinner or a movie!

There’s a bike rack at Indigo –

But that’ll fill up quickly! So use the other racks on Court and
Liberty. The studio does have a lovely new wood floor, so no street
shoes please – and especially no cleats! – on the inner, studio floor.
(The front foyer’s just fine.)

Thanks to Indigo Wellness Center for the space and to Debbie for help with it!


Heiser Farms Race Report

Kids line up for the Kiddie Cross part of the race at Heiser Farms.
Kids line up for the Kiddie Cross part of the race at Heiser Farms.

The 2009 Willamette Valley Cyclocross Series kicked off with a beautiful fall day race at Heiser farms this past Saturday, and Pacific Pedaling was there to get it going! Jeff, Chad and the rest of the gang put on a fantastic race, and the Heiser Farms and Pumpkin Patch made it a perfect family friendly venue for everyone who came out.

I had never raced an actual cross race before Heiser. The short track series this summer was my first foray into any kind of racing, so I knew I had at least a little more of a challenge ahead of me as those races were only 20 minutes (30 for the last one) and these would be 45 minutes right out of the gate. Throw in more racers, potential mud, and additional technical fun, and I could be a complete mess. The short track races had about taken it out of me…I wasn’t sure how I’d go twice as long. I was definitely nervous headed into it.

There you go...photographic proof Im racing at Heiser Farms...albeit, in the back of the pack!
There you go...photographic proof I'm racing at Heiser Farms...albeit, in the back of the pack!

I arrived at the race about 2 hours before my race around 8 am. Course organizers were still wrapping up a few details, and I took the early arrival time to park, set up the team tent, get out all of our stuff, get my bike(s) out, check in at registration, walk the course, use the restroom, eat a little something, change, pin my number on my jersery,…and next thing you know, it’s about 20 minutes until my race. Pat and Ellen had arrived by this time, and I asked Pat if he’d drag my extra bike to the pit, while I pre-rode the course for one lap. When I got back I had one more stop off at the porta potty, and it was time to line up.

While there were about 50 of us in different rows at the start line, only 18 of us were in the Beginner Men category. Masters C and Category C men both went out in front of us, with about a minute or two gap between each group. Before I knew it, we were up, and off to the races! I quickly found out that I’m not a speedster off the line (well, really anywhere) and was in the back half of the group before the first corner.

Martha cranking alongside the cornfield in her race
Martha cranking alongside the cornfield in her race

We headed around the first corner, down past a cornfield to our right, and down a quick little descent into the wooded area of the farm. By this time we were all pretty much single file, and I was feeling pretty comfortable on the bike and on the course. We made a sharp right turn after another little hill and continued out along the wooded area. My heart was pumping hard, and all of a sudden I realized how hard I was breathing. I thought, “this can’t be good…I may end up doing myself in if I don’t focus on getting some regular breathing going.”

From a little rain and drizzle, there was one slightly muddy spot before a quick little grass hill that was for the most part pretty easy to cross. On one of my last laps, I had to put a leg down after sliding out in the mud, but was able to keep the bike up and continue on with a quick run up on that hill. The only other time I had any issue with my bike was on the backside of the course where there was a drop down into a gully with a quick climb up a steep little hill. I missed my opportunity to pass the guy I was following, and when he stopped at the top of that hill, I didn’t have anywhere to go, and couldn’t unclip fast enough, so I went to my right knee. Nothing more than a bruised ego for falling in front of a few spectators, but I think I just have to get used to that.

Pat wrapping up another lap and heading back out to get after it.
Pat wrapping up another lap and heading back out to get after it.

About halfway through the race, I think I visited what Pat would later refer to as “the dark place” during a race. “Why am I doing this? I’m an old guy. I could be home sleeping. I could be enjoying brunch somewhere. I could be doing anything that wouldn’t be making me hurt and feel like I’m going to hurl!” I knew that quitting wasn’t an option, but I knew I’d be ready to hear them say “1 lap to go,” when that time came. “Keep cranking…and keep breathing,” I kept saying to myself. “You’ve ridden 70 miles in a monsoon, for almost 5 hours solid by yourself… can do this too.” And of course, I knew I could. Pat and Ellen appeared from time to time, shaking a tambourine and yelling at me to “pedal, pedal, pedal!” It’s amazing what a little cheering can do for your spirits in the middle of a race.

Around the end of the 3rd lap I was riding along the bumpy edge of the cornfield, heading towards the barriers when Ron Strasser went riding the other direction on his bike along the rode. He hollered over at me, “Remember, recover where you can!” Remember? Heck, I hadn’t even thought of that! He must’ve seen the pain on my face and realized I needed to ease up here and there. On that stretch I stopped mashing and just spun for a bit, and as I turned into the corner to head to the barriers, I was felt much better and dismounted, ran over the barriers and got back on the bike, and to my surprise, was feeling a second wind coming on. (Oh yeah, Ron later won the Masters 60+ Men…yeah, you heard me 60 years and older….what am I complaining about?!)

Ellen killing it back up out of the gully.
Ellen killing it back up out of the gully.

Somewhere towards the end of the 4th lap, I definitely felt a second wind and tried to pick up the pace a little better. The bumpy parts of the track, particularly in the area through the Christmas trees (at least that’s what it smelled like to me) just before the gravel hill, beat the crap out of my body. But as the official called out “1 lap to go,” I actually was disappointed. Something inside said that if I had two more laps left, I could actually catch a few guys and maybe possibly pass them to finish further up the pack. As it turns out, I finished 16 of 18. Not dead last, but not anything to write home about. Hey, for my first race, I would have been happy to finish last as long as I could complete the race! And I won’t lie, I was completely baked after the race…and worn out the rest of the day.

Pat, Ellen and Martha also raced, flying through the course with ease, looking great in their Pacific Pedaling kits, and handing out advice and information about the next days race at Alpenrose, where we’d all race again in just 24 hrs. Poor Martha was coughing up a lung, but still got out to fight the battle. As I’ve thought many times this year, sitting there with our team, and my family and the pumpkin canon firing off in the back, we couldn’t have a better group of riders for our inaugural season as a team! And I can only get better, right?

More photos of the Pacific Pedaling team and other racers on our Flickr Page.

Race results for the Willamette Valley Cyclocross Series – Heiser Farms race at OBRA.


Alpenrose Cross Crusade #1 Photos Now Online at Flickr

Pacific Pedaling rider James Cloyd killing it over the barriers at Alpenrose.
Pacific Pedaling rider James Cloyd killing it over the barriers at Alpenrose.

After a full weekend of racing two cross races, Heiser and Alpenrose, both part of my first cross races ever, I’m still behind on writing up reports. However, I wanted to get up these 300+ shots from Alpenrose.

No time to edit, so just enjoy the full shots. Feel free to use them for your personal use, but please give credit back to if you do!

View them at Flickr – click here.


All You Need To Know About Bike Happenings in Salem and The Willamette Valley

Once again, local Bike-ologist, Eric Lundren has sent out the good on what’s going on in Salem, and the surrounding areas in the upcoming days and weeks. The gang will be kicking off some racing at the first Willamette Valley Cyclocross race in Dayton at Heiser Farms next Saturday, and will also be at many of the events listed below….Eric, take it away:

Is this the last hurrah for sun and heat? I hope you’re able to get
out and enjoy it! With the Bike Commute Challenge wrapping up and the
Peach of a Century, the good bike times of summer are almost at an

Breakfast on Bikes – Sept 25
Peach – Sept 27th
City Council and Riverfront/Boise – Sept 28th
BTA Bicycle Safety Education – starting in October
BCC Afterparty – Early October
Commercial Street Striping Plan – October
Battlecreek Cross – Oct 24th
Halloween BonB – Oct 30th
Union Bridge Closure – Nov 2009 – May 2010
Cyclocross Championship – Nov 7
BCC updates at Pacific Pedaling
SBC Sunday Rides

Breakfast on Bikes – Friday, Sept 25th
We’ll be at the North Office Mall Building on Winter street NE from
7am to 9am with coffee, pastries, and fruit for you!

For complete details, see –

Thanks also to our sponsors – please support them with your business!
Cascade Baking Company
Coffee House Cafe
LifeSource Natural Foods
Salem Bicycle Club
Willamette University Sustainability Council

Peach of a Century – Sunday, Sept 27
The ride includes a full Century Route (100 miles), a Metric Century
Route (62 miles), and new this year–a 75-mile route. Each route
starts and ends at Chemeketa Community College. The full century route
is challenging with some steep hills. The Metric Century and 75-mile
routes offer flat to rolling terrain with some moderate hills. The
routes follow low-volume roads past the farm fields of the Willamette
Valley, through forested foothills and rural communities east of
Salem. Day of ride registration is $23.

City Council to Hold Hearing on Riverfront Park – Monday, Sept 28
As part of the Boise redevelopment project, there’s a proposal to
close the entry to Riverfront Park at State Street and to create a new
one a little south of it off of Front street. Look for more
information on Friday on the Breakfast Blog once the City Staff Report
is posted. Without additional improvements for bikes and peds, the
proposal will make access to the park and bridges more rather than
less difficult.

BTA Bicycle Safety Education – October 5-9 and thereafter
Robert Fox and the BSE team start up again! The first school will be
the Jane Goodall Environmental Magnet program at Waldo. Look for news
and call for volunteers from Robert.

Bike Commute Challenge Afterparty – look for a date in the first
couple of weeks of October!

Commercial Street Striping Plan – deferred to October, date TBD
The proposal to put a bike lane on Commercial street downtown
continues to be discussed and negotiated. Look for more in October.

Battlecreek Cross – Saturday, October 24
Part of the Willamette Valley Cyclocross series. Check out racing at
the old golf course! Full information here –

Breakfast on Bikes – Friday, October 30th
Last hurrah at the Union Street RR Bridge! (see next item…)

Union Street Railroad Bridge Closure – November 2009 – May 2010
As part of the lead abatement project, the Union Street RR Bridge will
be closing the first of November. So enjoy it in October before you
have to go back to the Center Street Bridge!

Oregon State Cyclocross Championships – Saturday, Nov 7th
At the Fairgrounds. For complete details see the release –

Over at Pacific Pedaling, Paul’s got a sweet series on the BCC – his
team, friends, and his experiences. Check it out!

Don’t forget about the Salem Bicycle Club daily rides, especially the
Sunday afternoon High Wheeler rides at 1:30pm! They’re a great
introduction to club riding. For more information see the weekly
rides schedule –

Finally, if you’ve made it this far down, here’s a couple of inspiring
multimedia bits for you.
Here’s the Community Cycling Center’s “I Ride” Campaign along with an
amazing bike.
The Widmer Bros also talk about bike parking and what bicycling means
to their business.