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Update on Youth Development Team – Flow Riders Pace

I’ve been getting updates from Teresa White, one of the coaches of the Boys and Girls youth development team we help sponsor, also officially known as the Flow Riders. The updates are always a great encouragement to read, and I’ve decided that I need to start sharing those here, especially as we get closer to the Cycle Challenge, on June 26, 2010. If you’d like to come volunteer on a ride and support a local youth program, please note the Saturday ride time in the post and come participate.

Here’s this weeks update from Teresa:


Hey guys!

The Monster Cookie is just around the corner and the Flow Riders have been doing some extra training to get ready for the big day! This past Saturday the Flow Riders went on a short ride of 28 miles out on Macleay. We decided to do a short ride because we wanted to get back to do a little maintenance class with Bob and Robert. The Flow Riders just loved it! I have attached a few pictures of them all hard at work. I can tell you this much, those bikes look fantastic after all the hard work that the Flow Riders put into them!

Saturday there was not much excitement but man have those kids really excelled in their speed. We are averaging about 18 mph now. The Flow Riders have also started to break into two groups naturally…Boys with Robert and Bob and the girls with Joann, Cyndi, and myself. The group hangs together for about 25 miles then of course the levels of conditioning take their tolls.

As we keep pushing for physical success, so does the push for academic success. In the last three weeks I have really seen the academic success take its course. The Flow Riders are telling me about projects and test that they have aced, all of the extra help they are getting from their teacher and the great feeling of having a higher GPA to show for it. They are all growing academically from this experience and I am very proud of them!

As they continue to grow so does the Flow Riders program. If you would like to grow with us please join us at our weekly events.

Tuesday: Spinning @4pm Lancaster Court House
Thursday: Spinning @4pm Keizer Court House
Saturday: Road Ride @9am Wipper Teen Center – Editors note: this ride will start at 10 am this week.

Hope to see all of your out this next Saturday. Unfortunately I will be out of town Saturday participating in a roller hockey tournament so any extra hands that would be available to attend would be great! Thanks again for all of our support and never forget to ride for HOPE and OPPORTUNITY!

Teresa White
Program Coordinator II
Boys & Girls Club of Salem, Marion and Polk Counties

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Local Developmental ‘Flow Riders’ Team Gets Good Press!

Shots of the Flow Riders from the Statesman Journal article.

Last year, Pacific Pedaling signed on to sponsor a few riders in a new youth development cycling team run by the Salem Boys and Girls club. Since that time, riders of the team have been growing in their knowledge of all things cycling, and in their skills on a bike. They have been working out three times a week, building up to participate in a 75 mile challenge on June 26, 2010. In addition to financially supporting the team, members of the Pacific Pedaling team also get out on rides, and help train the team whenever possible, alongside of a slew of other volunteers and coaches. The whole process has been an amazing experience for everyone involved.

This week, the ‘Flow Riders’ got some great coverage in the local Statesman Journal paper…on the front page of the Sunday edition. Click here for the full article, and click here for the photo gallery. If you can grab a copy of the print version, they also have bios of each of the individual riders.

But the team isn’t all about just riding bikes, check out this blurb from the article about expectations for the team:

The program is new, having launched in September, and incorporates road safety courses, nutrition classes and designated times for homework. All but one of the teens were struggling in school, in some cases failing, before committing to the team. Now they are required to maintain a 2.5 grade-point average and turn in regular progress reports to their coaches. “Part of being in this is they have to put time in on academic achievement,” said Tim Sinatra, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of Salem, Marion and Polk Counties.

And if you keep finding ways to make excuses not to ride, check out this snippet:

Bryan Rosales is able to ride a real bike for the first time in his life. He was born with a disability and has limited mobility in his right arm and right leg. He was teased for riding a trike to the Boys & Girls Club that was rigged with a bungee cord to keep his leg in place so he could pedal. Now he rides on the back of a tandem with Sinatra and answers to the nickname “Wingman.” “I clip off my feet and don’t pedal, and he can pedal my weight, his weight and the weight of the tandem,” Sinatra said. “We just need to work on his balance.”

Each rider has their own story, and there is so much good stuff in this article, you really just need to go read it. Seriously, go read it. Why are you still here….go read the article.

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Holiday Season with the Pacific Pedaling Gang


2009 was such a great year for and for the Pacific Pedaling team! I’m still working on an end of the year wrap up, but there’s so much to go through that I need a bit more time. However, I did want to post a few notes and photos from the Pacific Pedaling end of year wrap up and Christmas party. First off…click on that photo above. I mean, yeah, every team can try to go out and get some sweet kits, but how many have custom ceramic coffee (or other beverage of choice) team MUGS made?! Go on, click on the picture to see it in all it’s glory. Our very own Martha Paulus made those for all the riders on the team…so stinking cool. One of my favorite moments of the night came when I said something like, “wow Martha…you MADE these??” Martha says, “well, yeah…I *am* a potter,” matter of factly. Guess you had to be there, but my wife and I are still laughing about it. Sorry, these aren’t for sale.


Another favorite moment came when the team showed off their presentation of the Pacific Pedaling team edition framed jersey and photo art. Click on that baby too and take a gander…it really is an impressive work, and I was overwhelmed by such a cool gesture and gift from the team. I also left the night with a sweet Tissot jersey (Tyler knows my watch brand all to well) and super cool leather and canvas bike bag…perfect for the Ira. Again, way too generous guys…a million thanks!


I swear I say this about every other post, but I don’t know how we could have asked for a better group of riders for our inaugural season. In addition to the amazing times riding and racing together, I just flat out dig hanging with these folks, their spouses and their families. It’s a good thing we actually ride sometimes, or I’d spend way too much time eating and laughing with them, and growing exponentially. Martha, Tyler, Ellen, Pat, James, Dave….you are just good folk, and you give cycling a good name. I’m looking forward to us all representing in 2010!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year from!

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Barton Park Wrap Up and Favorite Photos

The Maneater, Barton Park, claims another victim....and those aren't carbon.
The Maneater, Barton Park, claims another victim....and those aren't carbon.

Note: a few of my favorite shots down through this post, the full 200+ on the Flickr page. Be sure to check out too, Ellen and Peyton (Tyler’s son) both made it this week.

I’d been dreading Barton just a little…ok, maybe a lot, ever since I saw it would be the last race of the my first Crusade series. Mention Barton and get a plethora of responses:

“Oh, the Maneater.” “I hate that course.” “I love that course.” “We called the ambulance 3 times last year.” “Wear a mouthpiece.” “I’m skipping that one.” “Good luck, you’ll need it.”

Martha, coming around the corner after railing the off camber downhill.
Martha, coming around the corner after railing the off camber downhill.

I’d heard the stories, seen the photos, and watched the videos of people descending that big ol’ hill, and crashing on the way down, at the bottom, and even up into the rock pit. As a newbie, I figured I’d be eating dirt along with many others, but was hoping to avoid being someone who’d need medical assistance. Thankfully I can say I made it through the final race of the series, and lived to tell about it.

Tyler, leading out the Clydes at the start of the race.
Tyler, leading out the Clydes at the start of the race.

I didn’t get to experience the course before this year, but knew that they had taken out The Hill that ate so many riders before and turned it the other way into a big, rocky run up. A different off-camber trick hill replaced it, and I couldn’t have been more proud than when I saw Martha, without a preride (as far as I know) cut across both lines and take it on a straight shot when she came down around the corner. I had a blast watching all the Pacific Pedaling riders and appreciating what a great series we had as a team! It was also fun to have David Rasca donning the big green P kit and ride with the crew!

The new downhill section claimed it's fair share of riders and bikes.
The new downhill section claimed it's fair share of riders and bikes.

Tyler had a great holeshot off the line in the Clydes race, and finished with a 5 finish to wrap up a nice series. Martha rode a strong ride, railing the off camber section. Pat and Ellen both did the single speed race, swapped out bikes and jumped into their A races, and James, coming off his rib injury, put his bike down again on the slick pavement corner, and got back on the beast to finish out his race.

Racers "cleaning" their bikes in the ginormous mud puddles at Barton Park.
Racers "cleaning" their bikes in the ginormous mud puddles at Barton Park.

In addition to a great day of riding for the team, the final race of the day was easily the best race all year. With Cameron holding a one point lead on the series, it was bound to be a good one. Standing at the top of the run up, just a few feet from the gasp heard round the world when Cameron hit the ground, I can assure you it was a thriller down to the wire.










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OBRA CX Championships, This Saturday, November 5

View from the seats in the horse arena, which will house the beer garten and live band. Photo thanks to Matt Haughey
View from the seats in the horse arena, which will house the beer garten and live band. Photo thanks to Matt Haughey

Mark your calendars for a full day of cyclocross racing this coming Saturday, November 5 at the Oregon State Fairgrounds. The Willamette Valley Cyclocross Series wraps up with the OBRA Championships at the Fairgrounds. Check for more information. Last minute registrations are available at the venue on Saturday, and races start at 10 am.

Series Points 10 deep (15, 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2)

Prizes:  $1500 min. cash payout for SR A Men and Women for the top five in the series.  Swag for top three in other categories.

Series winners and OBRA CX Champions will be recognized on Nov 7th, 2009.  The ceremony for the morning racers will follow the kiddie race.  Afternoon racers will be recognized after the A race.

Start Times/Categories/Race Length

10 am Beginner Men/Category C Men/Masters C 35+ Men (45min)

11 am Masters Category B 35+ Men/Masters 50/60+ Men/Clydesdale Men (45min)

Noon Oregon Junior Cyclocross Series

12:30 pm Kiddie Cross

Series / OBRA Champs Recognition #1

1 pm Category B Men/SS Men & Women/Unicycle (45min)

2 pm Women Category A/B/Beginners/Masters 35+ (45min)

3 pm Category A Men/Masters A 35+ Men (60min)

Series / OBRA Champs Recognition #2

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Favorite Photos and Recap from Cross Crusade 6 in Astoria – Costume Day

Pacific Pedaling as Team DEVO for a misty morning race.
Pacific Pedaling as Team DEVO for a misty morning race. Thanks to Grimace 2/9 for the photo!

Forget the podium. Forget coverage in a real life publication. Forget bringing home cash or medals. I’m not sure I’ll be able to be any more proud of our team than when we rolled around the course at Astoria as DEVO, complete with booming DEVO soundtrack strapped to the back of the bike. Thankfully, there are enough ‘old folks’ still racing to know DEVO, even though I did hear someone say, “I brought it up on my phone, apparently they were a band from the 80’s.” Yes! (Thanks to Grimace 2/9 for his Flickr photo above.)

Sunday was truly out of control. A lot of fun, and a day that would end up stirring up controversy about how much fun is too much fun, especially at the expense of those who were the recipients of boos, catcalls and mass amounts of all kinds of bottled liquids flying across the gauntlet of barriers. This being my first Halloween cross race, I had no idea what to expect, and the day lived up to the hype. Hundred, and hundreds of racers dressed up in every outfit imagineable, and some you wouldn’t want to imagine. Guys making SPD compatible high heels, and some who dared to wear complete furry outfits. Team DEVO lost the costume contest to a chicken, but I’m pretty sure the photo above will warm the hearts of many, as it has mine.

Couple hundred photos from Sunday on our Flickr page – click here. And just a few of my favorite shots from the day below. And yes, there are two of the robot below…Rasca had me laughing all day long.











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Spy Photo Reveals Pacific Pedaling Cyclocross Training Secrets

Pat's training for Halloween Cross Races - a wig and a bucket of doughnuts. Genius.
Pat's training for Halloween Cross Races - a wig and a bucket of doughnuts. Genius.

All this time I’ve been trying to eat better, get more exercise, and ride as much as possible, but it turns out I didn’t know the true key to cyclocross success. Over the weekend our spy photogs snagged a shot of the training tent in Camp Sherman where Pacific Pedaling rider Pat Kudszus shows that lean meats, fruits and veggies do not cut it. Apparently a big bucket of Voodoo Donuts, cheese puffs, Fritos, mystery meat, and a beer tucked under the arm are needed. Toss on a wig for recovery compression and you’ve got the magic combo! Thanks man, I’m kickin’ it up a few notches now!

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Cyclocross Diaries from Washington County Fair #4 Now Available

It’s always a little moment of happiness for me when the Cyclocross Diaries come out. Heidi and Eric not only gut it out on the course each week, but then they put on their media minds and get busy cranking out the insider report for racers. Couple of glimpses of Pacific Pedaling riders in this edition too…I at least caught James while he was still alive. Enjoy!

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PDXCross Cranks Out the Goods at the Washington County Fair

James, hanging on for life at the end of his race. This photo belongs to - all rights and credits belong to them as well.
James, hanging on for life at the end of his race. This photo belongs to - all rights and credits belong to them as well.

In the world of local cyclocross photography, PDXCross is known for being the ones to catch the great shots. Racers look forward to their gritty (no pun intended) black and white photography every week from each race. Pacific Pedaling rider James once joked, “I know I’m famous when I’ve made PDX Cross. Well, welcome to your 15 minutes of fame James. 🙂

Visit PDXCross and see the complete set of shots from this past Sunday’s muddy race. I had to miss this race, so please enjoy the photo work from the pros.

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Battle Creek Golf Course – Favorite Pics and Report


I had high hopes that Battle Creek might bring about some sort of magic for me. I’d played many a round of golf there in my younger days, it was my first cross event to witness, and’s the home course, right? Well, no such luck…Battle Creek was damp, squishy, and slow…at least for me. A beautiful day on the course, just not a fast one. Much of the Pacific Pedaling team was unavailable this week, so Martha and I had to rep the team.


There are no hills at Battle Creek, so promoters had to get creative with sand bunkers as ways to try to force riders off their bikes. At first this seemed like a bonus – no Sherwood-esque hills to suck the life out of me. However, the downside of a flat course is that there is no place to really recover. It’s an all out mash fest for the entire time. I later explained to my wife that it felt like I was riding as hard as I could for 45 minutes, and getting nowhere fast. That being said, here are some favorite photos of the day.


The sand trap vertical ledges provided for some crowd pleasing entertainment as well, and great photo opportunities.

Complete set at Flickr page. Many thanks to Dave Rasca who shot all the photos from the 10 a.m. races for me while I was on the bike.