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Video: UPS Deliveries By Bike in Salem/Keizer, Oregon

I caught up with local rider/racer, and PacificPedalling guest-poster Tina Brubaker last Thursday for a few moments while she hustled through a portion of her Keizer route, delivering packages for UPS. As you can see from the photo above, that ain’t no gas-guzzlin’ brown van she’s driving, but instead an entirely human powered, good old fashioned bike!

When I found out that Tina had been selected as one of the few cyclists to actually take on this task, I twisted her arm until she relented and allowed me to intercept her in the middle of a route one day. This proved to be a tricky task as the winter storm hit during her first full week. But a last minute email on the only relatively dry day was all I needed to drag out the gear and shoot a quick video. Tina is SUPER efficient, and I promised I wouldn’t stop her from doing her job, but would just work around her, and aside from answering just a question or two for me, she didn’t break stride the entire time.

“I’m thrilled that UPS is on board with the bike thing, and really hope it might extend beyond just the holidays,” Tina said. She admitted that getting paid to ride a bike all day long is a bit of a dream-come-true type of job, but trust me, she’s working plenty hard while out on the route. I had considered some sort of sabbatical from work for a few weeks to apply for the UPS bike gig myself, but when the first day started off in the middle of Oregon’s monsoon season, I questioned my ability to stand up to the task. As evidenced in the footage though, the weather isn’t enough to slow Tina down! Enough of my rambling…watch the video! (PS – you can go to the direct Vimeo page if you want to download the full sized HD version)

UPS Delivery By Bike! Salem, Oregon from nwduffer on Vimeo.

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Giving In To The Rollers

Well, this week finally did it. I finally gave into setting up the rollers and planning to put some hours in riding them. As was pointed out in a couple of Facebookersations yesterday, I’m nowhere near as tough as my cold weather friends who live and ride in Boston/Utah, or my local friends (sorry J-dub, I have no good link for you….aside from comments on my blog???) who ride year round regardless of the weather. It’s true, once it’s too cold, too dark, and/or too icy, I’m taking a pass and going inside. Read on for more, and for tips on how to have a less sucky indoor experience….

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Let’s Clear the Air And Thrive

Some billboards really catch my eye, especially if they have anything related to bikes or the riding of said bikes. The blue in the background of this Kaiser Permanente sign yesterday really stood out to me, so I snagged a shot. I also was curious what the “thrive” logo was all about, so I looked it up online and found that KP is promoting some information for a healthier lifestyle. Tips for menus, activities, communities, etc. I honestly didn’t spend too much time, but I’m all for anything that helps promote a healthier life for people.

I’m also all for anything that gets folks out on their bikes, riding more than they normally do, and enjoying the benefits of a self propelled vehicle. I’ve been wondering what it is that will help people to ride more in the year 2009? A bike they feel confident about? Friends who also ride? Gas to shoot back up to $4 per gallon and beyond? What will help the average Joe put two wheels to the ground and tool around for a bit with the wind in their hair? I’d be happy to hear any ideas.


Brisk Sunny Winter Mornings

We continue to be blessed with absolutely beautiful winter days this week. This morning there was frost on the ground, and the air was barely above freezing, but the sun was beginning to peek out from behind the hills and trees, and everything was golden and alive. I’ve been having fun with my iPhone and the CameraBag app that allows you to put a vintage funk on your photos with several different filters. Here are several cool photos from the road this morning, using the ‘Lolo’ filter on my iphone. It really wasn’t quite as dark as it seems here, but that’s just part of the filtering.


Enjoy Christmas Lights By Bike

Today is actually shaping up to be a decent day. It’s not going to be overly warm, but a high in the low 50’s isn’t too bad for December riding either! As I was driving home last night, I noticed that many of the homes in our neighborhood were already sporting lights and decorations and thought it would be a great idea to get out one night on two wheels and take them in a little more leisurely.

If you’re in the Salem/Keizer area, you can join in on Wednesday Night Light rides each night in December, with a Keizer Lights specific ride planned for December 17. From the Salem Bicycle Club site:

The ride starts at the BiMart in Keizer. Decorated bikes are encouraged, but not required. Bring a can of food or other donation for the Marion-Polk Foodbank. We will stop at Jackie’s and Doug’s for hot chocolate and cookies during the ride. Call Joanne Heilinger 503-399-9652 for more info, Wednesday December 17, 6:30 pm, Distance 10 miles.

If you want to go it alone, you can even check out this MapMyRide route for your own Christmas light adventure.

If you’re in Portland, you can hit an annual favorite of ours, Peacock Lane, on December 14 for a car-free night. As previously reported at, the night before the official opening on December 15, will be for pedestrians of all sorts. Visitors on bikes may have a lane specifically for them, or may just be asked to walk them.

With the mild weather we’re having through the end of the week, this is a great time to get out and see some festive lighting on two wheels!


Joining Up With The “Fattys”

I suppose I could just be thankful to find some people to identify with when I say today that I’m planning to join up with Team Fatty for next years Livestrong Challenge. But, for those that aren’t familiar, Elden Nelson runs a site called, and has been keeping the cycling world apprised of his brave wife Susan’s battle with cancer on his blog.

Elden pointed out a few weeks ago that the top fundraising teams for the Livestrong Challenge last year brought in 250,00 – 300,000 dollars last year, and that he had a dream to break both those records. If he could get 1000 members to join his team, and each raise 1000, then Team Fatty would be able to raise a million dollars for cancer research and advocacy. He wants to do it for Livestrong, and he wants to do it for Susan.

So, I’m officiallly breaking my promise to myself to not do Livestrong again (simply because I hate asking people for money,) and am going to sign up for Team Fatty, and begin inviting friends and family to be part movement that Elden has begun. If you’d like to be involved in the Team Fatty effort, you can read more about the official start of the team in the FatCyclist post for today. In addition to helping support the cause, there are prizes to be won, and more that can be done beyond just signing up to ride and raise support. I’m just waiting to hear back on some scheduling information before I select which city I’ll be riding in. No Livestrong in Portland, so Seattle or San Jose seem like the next best two options. If I can’t arrange to ride with Elden’s group (wherever that may be,) perhaps I’ll be able to link up with Keijro in California and avoid the monsoon we both endured in 2007!

More news to come about registration later on!