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Listen To The Bike Show on KBOO Today at 11 am

Catch my buddy Tori, from Gracie’s Wrench on another episode of The Bike show on KBOO Community Radio. From Tori:

Listen in to the KBOO Bike Show today at 11am. We’ll be discussing the North Portland Greenway Trail. If that doesn’t sound exciting, you haven’t heard where they want to put it! 90.7 on your fm dial.

Always tons of great information on the show. Check it out!

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Local Developmental ‘Flow Riders’ Team Gets Good Press!

Shots of the Flow Riders from the Statesman Journal article.

Last year, Pacific Pedaling signed on to sponsor a few riders in a new youth development cycling team run by the Salem Boys and Girls club. Since that time, riders of the team have been growing in their knowledge of all things cycling, and in their skills on a bike. They have been working out three times a week, building up to participate in a 75 mile challenge on June 26, 2010. In addition to financially supporting the team, members of the Pacific Pedaling team also get out on rides, and help train the team whenever possible, alongside of a slew of other volunteers and coaches. The whole process has been an amazing experience for everyone involved.

This week, the ‘Flow Riders’ got some great coverage in the local Statesman Journal paper…on the front page of the Sunday edition. Click here for the full article, and click here for the photo gallery. If you can grab a copy of the print version, they also have bios of each of the individual riders.

But the team isn’t all about just riding bikes, check out this blurb from the article about expectations for the team:

The program is new, having launched in September, and incorporates road safety courses, nutrition classes and designated times for homework. All but one of the teens were struggling in school, in some cases failing, before committing to the team. Now they are required to maintain a 2.5 grade-point average and turn in regular progress reports to their coaches. “Part of being in this is they have to put time in on academic achievement,” said Tim Sinatra, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of Salem, Marion and Polk Counties.

And if you keep finding ways to make excuses not to ride, check out this snippet:

Bryan Rosales is able to ride a real bike for the first time in his life. He was born with a disability and has limited mobility in his right arm and right leg. He was teased for riding a trike to the Boys & Girls Club that was rigged with a bungee cord to keep his leg in place so he could pedal. Now he rides on the back of a tandem with Sinatra and answers to the nickname “Wingman.” “I clip off my feet and don’t pedal, and he can pedal my weight, his weight and the weight of the tandem,” Sinatra said. “We just need to work on his balance.”

Each rider has their own story, and there is so much good stuff in this article, you really just need to go read it. Seriously, go read it. Why are you still here….go read the article.

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Bike Snob Writes a Book…Time To Show His Face

BikeSnobNYC...courtesy of the WSJ online.

If you’ve read any bike blogs today at all, you now know that our favorite snarky bike blogger, BikeSnobNYC has stepped out from behind the curtain and let everyone see who he really is. If you dont’ follow Bike Snob, he’s done one heck of a job at keeping himself anonymous from the majority of the world, while entertaining the crap out of most people he’s poking fun at.

As today’s Wall Street Journal online reports:

Still, there’s one thing most readers don’t know about the Bike Snob: his real name. While not exactly going to Bruce Wayne-levels of protection, the Bike Snob has shielded his actual identity from the public, preferring to let his pen name take the credit. He’s posed for magazine and newspaper articles with his face shielded, revealing only fragments of detail about his personal life.

In addition, Bike Portland managed to get in a few Q & A’s with the not-so-mysterious writer, which you can read on their site as well. I’m a little bummed…I kind of hoped we’d never really know who he was and talk about that mysterious blogger way back when….

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So Much Bike Stuff Going On In and Around The Valley!

Photo from the last Kidical Mass ride in Salem. Courtesy of

Once again, our good friend Eric Lundgren has opened the floodgates of bike related information for the area. Check out all the great information listed here! Thanks Eric!


You know spring is here when we start getting multiple bike events on the same day!  Choice and even some crowding on the weekend schedule is welcome news indeed.

And even more welcome was US Secretary of Transportation Ray Lahood’s important national policy change, which you may have seen already:  “Today, I want to announce a sea change. People across America who value bicycling should have a voice…This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized.”

Friday, March 26th – B on B
West Salem commuters, we’ll be on Water Street across from the A.C. Gilbert House, right where the bike path off-ramp from the Center Street Bridge merges with Water Street and Riverfront Park.  For complete info see the Breakfast Blog!
Thanks to our sponsors for their continued support.  We couldn’t do it without them!
Cascade Baking Company
Coffee House Cafe
LifeSource Natural Foods
Salem Bicycle Club
Willamette University Sustainability Council

Mechanics from Santiam Bicycle will also be providing free quick checks – derailleur adjustment, chain lube, and tire inflation.

Sunday, March 28th – Kidical Mass
The second Kidical Mass ride starts at Faye Wright School at 1pm.  Bring your noise makers!  Kazoos, maracas, bells, tambourines, homemade & otherwise.  For complete details see Kidical Mass Salem.

Monday, March 29th (Meetings also on April 5 & 6) –
Neighborhood Center Mixed Use Zoning Meetings
Learn about a new zoning concept for walkable neighborhoods.  Make sure bikes are accommodated!

Thursday, April 1st – Vision 2020 Open House

You’re invited to a Vision 2020 Open House.  Learn more about sharrows, new bicycle signage along Chemeketa street and the Union St. Railroad Bridge, and the other projects that are part of the Vision 2020 project.

Saturday, April 3rd – Capital Cup Criterium
Willamette University brings bike racing back to the Capitol!

Saturday, April 3rd – Beginning Mountain Bike Ride

Santiam Bicycle leads an introduction to mountain biking at Silver Falls.

Wednesday, April 7th – Vision 2020 Bike/Ped Group
The Vision 2020 Bicycle and Pedestrian Workgroup meets the first Wednesday of the month.

Monday, April 12 – City Council
Council meets and on the agenda is scheduled to be the first round of crossing improvements funded by Keep Salem Moving Bond.  These are mainly pedestrian crossings, but some of them are on significant bikeways and all of them promote traffic calming generally.

Tuesday, April 20th – MWVBTA Meeting
The Mid-Willamette Valley chapter of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance meets the third Tuesday of the month.  Check the Breakfast Blog for agenda, location, and time.

Sunday, April 25th – Monster Cookie

It’s time to start thinking about the first major ride of the season!  The course is flat with a few rolling hills takes riders from the Capitol over back roads to Champoeg State Park and back to Salem.  You can register here!

Sunday, April 25th – Kidical Mass
The third Kidical Mass ride!

Friday, April 30th – Breakfast on Bikes
B on B moves to Mission & Winter.

All May – Walk+Bike Challenge Month
Register your school for Walk+Bike Challenge month!  This statewide event is a friendly competition that encourages students to walk and bike to school for the whole month of May. In 2009, 60 schools and over 4,000 individuals participated in the event.

Saturday, May 15 – Union St. RR Bridge
scheduled to reopen!

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Winter Writing and Riding In and Around Salem

Local man about town on two wheels, Eric Lundgren, fires off his ever informative update for what’s going on in and around the Salem area in the bike world. Thanks Eric! (Be sure to visit The Salem Breakfast on Bikes blog if you don’t already read it!)


It’s cold!  But it’s beautiful, and if you’re dressed right it feels great!

Not so many date-bound events this time of year…but lots of bits of news!

Breakfast on Bikes – Friday, Dec 11th
We’ll be at Mission and Winter.  Thanks to Cascade Baking, Coffee
House Cafe, LifeSource Natural Foods, Salem Bicycle Club, Willamette
University!  For complete details see –

Parade – Saturday, Dec 12th
The PGE Festival of Lights Holiday Parade is this Saturday!  All
riders are invited to join in the bike float!  For more information
see –

Kidical Mass
Kat’s planning Kidical Mass rides for Salem!  These are short rides
for families and kids, not more than 5 miles with stops at parks and
for ice cream and fun stuff!  To learn more or to volunteer to help
with planning see –

Salem Bike Taxi
Have you seen the new pedicab downtown?  Check it out!  Michelle’s
also looking for help with maternity leave…let her know if you can
take a shift or two!

Commercial Restriping Plan
Council passed the plan to put sharrows downtown on Commercial!

Bike Friendly Business Apps
The deadline for the LAB Bicycle Friendly Business award is January
15, 2010.  Who will be Salem’s first?

Union & Front Video Camera
Video traffic light controllers have been installed for traffic on
Union at the eastern bridgehead of the Union Street RR Bridge!  Now
bicyclists don’t have to use the crosswalk.

Lots of local racers participated in the fall cyclocross season.
Check out Paul’s great coverage of the races and local riders at
Pacific Pedaling!

Salem Bicycle Club
If you haven’t tried club rides, consider the introductory High
Wheeler Rides every Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm.  For more information
see –


Want a bit of whimsy in the cold?  Here’s some sweet bike propaganda!

Join the BTA

Need a gift for a bicyclist you know?  Consider a BTA membership!
It’ll help with legislation and advocacy statewide.

cyclocross News Racing Team

Battle Creek Race This Saturday in Salem, Oregon


Mark your calendars for our next local cyclocross race right here in Salem, Oregon at the old Battle Creek Golf Course on Commercial. The fellas over at are working hard to put on a cool and fun event here in the Capital City. According to the site:

The Battlecreek golf course in Salem, OR sets the stage for race #2, Saturday Oct 24th, of the WVC series.  The golf isn’t manicured any longer but the picture below should give racers a general idea about the terrain and course layout. We’ve run the course over every tee box to provide some hills! Online registration ($20) will be open until 5 pm on Friday.  Day of race registration ($25) is open 15 minutes before your race.

Entrance/Parking:  The entrance to the course is tricky.  It’s a very quick turn off of Commercial through the gate.  The entrance is located off of Madras.

Be sure to hop over to their site to see a map of the course, register, and find out more information from the promoters. Last years Battle Creek race was the first cross race I ever even attended, and I made the following video from my day as a spectator. Y’all should come out!

Battlecreek Cross from nwduffer on Vimeo.

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Breakfast On Bikes This Friday, September 25

Several bike commuters stopped in at last months Breakfast on Bikes.
Several bike commuters stopped in at last month's Breakfast on Bikes.

This Friday, September 25th, Breakfast On Bikes be at the North Office Mall Building on Winter street NE from 7am to 9am with coffee, pastries, and fruit for you. Anyone riding their bikes to work is welcome to stop in for some fuel for the morning. Last month was a great time, with a few folks giving the ol’ Bike Friday a spin. I’ll be sure to bring it down again in case anyone else wants to take a turn on a folding bike.

This will be a great way to celebrate all the efforts this month on the Bike Commute Challenge (4 flats for me on the Bike Friday this month!) Hope to see you then!

commuting Misc News

Road Rage: The Car Review Heard Round The World


You’d think we could all get along on the road, but there’s always someone willing to ruin the party, and this week, it’s UK Celebrity Chef James Martin (yeah, I know…I haven’t heard of him either) writing an automobile review with some downright uncool and scary verbiage:

God, I hate those cyclists.” This was the first of his tirade that later ended with him retelling how he snuck up on a group of cyclists in the electrick review car in order to blast the horn and scare them off the road. The review of the Tesla Roadster actually has some great information about the car itself, comparing it to a Ferrari for it’s acceleration. However, it quickly turns ugly when Martin explains how he used it to take out his frustration on the cyclists he apparently hates.

Knowing they wouldn’t hear me coming, I stepped on the gas, waited until the split second before I overtook them, then gave them an almighty blast on the horn at the exact same time I passed them at speed.

“The look of sheer terror as they tottered into the hedge was the best thing I’ve ever seen in my rear-view mirror. I think this could be the car for me.”

The Daily Mail site has since removed the part of the review with this verbiage as blogs, websites, twitterers, and facebook users around the world have been in a fury since it’s release, but the text is available on many sites around the interwebs. On a positive note, Tesla has come out and condemned the review themselves. “Tesla is cyclist-friendly,” says Rachel Konrad, senior communications manager.

As a cyclist out on our local roads, I’ve seen plenty of folks in cars going out of their way to mess with those on two wheels, or just plain ignore the fact that they are sharing the road with something other than cars, and making for dangerous travels. At the same time, I’ve seen plenty of idiots on bikes as well.

Just a couple days ago, a car was stopped at a stop sign, waiting for traffic to pass so he could make a right turn. I was on my bike, behind a cyclist coming up on the car at the stop sign, and watched as he pulled up along the left side of the car, and turned in front of the stopped car in order to get into the bike lane, going the same direction the car was turning. Fortunately, the car didn’t see a clearing, take off and mow the guy down, but it’s this kind of stuff that just incites the fury of many a motorist.

Be a safe, and predictable cyclist on the roads….stop giving guys like James Martin a reason to be so angry.

Update: It’s the week for apologies. First Kanye, now Martin:

Misc News

Bike For Shelter – Ride For A Cause

If you are in Portland, or aren’t able to ride the Peach of a Century on Sunday, September 27, you might want to consider another ride in the Portland area, Bike For Shelter. The 27 mile ride will help raise funds for a shelter to house victims of underage sex trafficking in Portland. I got word of this ride from a buddy and received this note about the event:

Hey all!  Come join us September 27th for the first annual Bike for Shelter ride as a volunteer, rider, or both!

This event is a fundraiser, planned by a small group of citizens who want to make a change. Despite the unbelievably high numbers of underage victims of sex trafficking here in Portland, the state is currently ill-equipped to address the issue or offer refuge to those who seek it. All BIKE FOR SHELTER proceeds are benefiting Transitions Global, a Hillsboro-based non-profit organization with plans to open Oregon’s first shelter for underage girls who are survivors of domestic sex trafficking. It’s only $27 to register, $10 for students, and free to volunteer!

BIKE FOR SHELTER is a 27.7-mile ride through East Portland with a 4-mile stretch along the Columbia River and a view from the top of Mount Tabor. Registration is open to single riders, as well as to teams of three that would prefer to tackle 9.3-mile legs.

Volunteer, donate, and/or sign up to ride at

Spread the word, and rock on!

Thank you!

News Racing Team

LifeSource Salem MTB Short Track Finale Wrap Up

Racers heading through the BMX track as the sun fades and the lights come up on the track
Racers heading through the BMX track as the sun fades and the lights come up on the track

(Flickr photos here. And Matt’s photos here.)

Well, it’s been a couple of days, but the LifeSource Natural Foods Salem MTB Short Track Series wrapped up a great month of racing Saturday night, under the lights of the bmx track, and with the glow of the Oregon State Fair in the background! Jeff, Jesse, Kenji, Matt, Lauren, and a bunch of folks really stepped up to provide a great series at the Oregon State Fairgrounds, and the last night went off great, despite the craziness that was the State Fair happening all around! You can see the complete series results on the OBRA results page.

James, still smiling as it starts to get darker...and despite going down in the BMX track.
James, still smiling as it starts to get darker...and despite going down in the BMX track.

Ok, you know I’m going to brag on the team, so let me just get on with it. My 12 year old son Aaron decided to give the series a try at the second race, and if you’ve been following, you know he won that race that night. After two more nights of racing, Aaron ended up taking 2nd overall in the 10-14 Juniors division! (We had a moment of extreme excitement when they announced he had taken first place for the series, but after the craziness of the night, found that he had indeed earned a solid second place finish, which is still amazing!)

Martha, focused on the up and over.
Martha, focused on the up and over.

James brought home a solid 3rd place finish for the series in Cat 2 Men, despite the fact that he tanked over a table top on the BMX track this week, and rode battered and bruised the rest of the race, with a slightly tweaked bike. Way to tough it out James…your flatted bike is still in my garage. Martha missed a 3rd place finish in Cat 2 women by just a few points, but represented nicely with a 4th place slot, and rode tough every week! Tyler, who ended up 6th in the large group of Cat 3 Men, was also just points away from moving up to a prize position.

Ellen, on her CRUISER, and she still only did one lap less than me...sheesh!
Ellen, on her CRUISER, and she still only did one lap less than me...sheesh!

Pat – literally 2 stinking points away from finishing in the top 3 in Single Speed, was right on the wheels of the guys on cross bikes, while on his mtb bike. People always point out how fast he’s moving around the track. Ellen, who raced in every race of the night, and (I think) rode in every race including the kiddie one, took home shared top honors in Cat 1 Women for the series!

Pat on his way past the bleachers.
Pat on his way past the bleachers.

As as for me, I know..that’s the news you’ve been waiting for. Check me out, 19th out of 29 for the series. Am I pleased…well, yeah, I’m not last. Actually, it was both easier than I thought, and harder than I thought in many ways. Easier because I was able to do it, didn’t crash or die, and came out enjoying it more than I thought, but harder because….well, it’s just plenty rough to ride as hard as you can for 20-30 minutes, in the heat, and after long days of work/family/set up, etc. I learned a few things from racing the series…but look for those lessons in an upcoming blog post!

Ok, hate to put up this shot, as it shows just how out of kit shape I'm in, BUT, I love that Tyler, Aaron and myself all came around the corner at the same there you go.
Ok, hate to put up this shot, as it shows just how out of kit shape I'm in, BUT, I love that Tyler, Aaron and myself all came around the corner at the same there you go.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and raced, set up, or supported the event! (Flickr photos here. And Matt’s photos here.)