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Drop It Like It’s Hot

snoopIn the words of the great philosopher Snoop Dog, “when the pimp’s in the crib ma, drop it like it’s hot…drop it like it’s hot.” Well the pimp is in the crib, and we are officially dropping an *L* from our name, as of today. Although a technically correct spelling, most people find us by searching for pacific pedaling, with just one *L.*

Turns out those crazy cyclists across the pond like to double up on the consonants, but not so much on this side. Plus, we *are* facing tough economic times, so we figure it’s time to cut back a little. Not to mention, it fits better on a jersey….

Now don’t worry if you’re linked to us…all incoming links will still work, we’ve crossed all our Ts and dotted our Is to make sure stuff don’t break. But, if you are linked to us, or have us on a blogroll, consider changing out that link at some point if you don’t mind.

In Other News – Don’t forget the Salem Community Briefing on the Minto Island bridge proposal. It’s tonight from 5:00 – 7:00 pm at the Salem Library.

In Other Other News – There is some decent off-road riding at Keizer Rapids, just be careful not to miss any of the signs and accidentally end up on the roads leading to private property. They don’t take kindly to trespassers out there, even if you didn’t mean it!

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Salem Community Minto Island Bridge Briefing

Minto Island Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge flyer - click for large size

There will be a special community briefing on Thursday, February 12, regarding the Minto Island Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge at the Salem Public Library in the Anderson Room. The briefing will be held from 5 pm to 7 pm.

A 350 foot bridge is being proposed for pedestrians and bicyclists that will connect users to the existing trail systems Downtown, in Riverfront Park, and on Minto-Brown Island. Stop in to give your take on the design options. More information can be had at

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Video View: Bento Box From TNI

Quick Look: Bento Box from TNI from nwduffer on Vimeo.

I’ve seen these little Bento Box bike bags for the past couple years and have thought a million times about ordering one. I finally bit the bullet and just placed my order. For under $15 you can’t beat the handiness of having nutrition bars, a camera, or what have you right in front of you. Does it make me more of a geek on a bike? Probably. But are they handy? You bet!

PS – This was shot on a handy dandy little Flip Mino HD camera that I picked up almost specifically for riding, and using in this bag. More to come after I do some test shooting with it.

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BonkTown Is Probably Not So Good For Me


Sometimes my geeky technology life melds with the newer bike loving side of my life into a harmonious little gem, and produces a tool just like the BonkTown Firefox plugin. If you’re not familiar with BonkTown, it’s much like, Woot! – one deal at a time, only they update the deals throughout the day, rather than just one deal a night like Woot! Both of these websites work on the same principal as the stash of trinkets that line the shelves at the checkout line at the supermarket. While waiting to pay for my fruits and vegetables, someone has thoughtfully placed some handy items I hadn’t fully realized I needed, until I saw they were 40% off.  A new set of gummy scented earbuds, a handy needle and thread sewing kit, or the ever popular Super Glue in the dual pack.

BonkTown plays to my same emotions. On most days I may not necessarily be thinking about what I *need* for my cycling love, but when the little BonkTown plugin throws the latest deal right at the bottom of my screen on the status bar…I find myself clicking through to see what smoking deal is calling out to me. Case of nutrition bars. Carbon railed saddle. Titanium framed roadie. Bibs. Shorts. Jackets. Gloves. All at 40, 50, 60 percent off! Forget that I was researching an important technology solution, the ticket just lit up! Forget that none of these will free up more time for me to ride, they are deals too good to pass! It’s like Costco has moved into my status bar….everyone needs 5 gallon jars of pickles, right?

I gotta uninstall this thing….but I do like the Castelli bibs I got last week!

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For The Love of Lugs

Downtube lugs on a custom Ira Ryan frame.
Downtube lugs on a custom Ira Ryan frame.

Those of you who know me, know I love steel frames and lugs. Everything I ride is primarily steel, and preferably has lugs. If they are polished and shiny, all the better. It’s such a blessing to live in the Northwest and close to Portland, where we have a plethora of custom framebuilders, many of whom seem to have the same love.

I was crusing Flickr the other night and thought I’d share some great examples of lugged frames, both old and new. Click through to see a collection of pics from Flickr…

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Taking The Plunge, Going To Yoga Tonight.

No real post here today, except to say that I’m going to try out one of the options on my fitness list from the other day, and am going with my wife to a yoga class tonight. I’ve watched a few episodes of Yoga For Life this week that we DVR’d, but we’re gonna try it for real tonight. Most of the poses sound either tough – like the Warrior Pose, or majestic like the Eagle Pose, or elegant like the Goddess Pose, but I couldn’t find anything like a Buddha Gut Pose, so I could be in trouble.

I’ll let you know how it goes. And unless something goes wrong, cyclocross book review tomorrow as well. Peace.

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Photographic Proof I Was Born To Ride

A Non-Italian track frame.
A Non-Italian track frame.

I have a love affair with Italian bikes, especially classic, lugged steel frames. The bulk of my ‘stable’ is made up of Torellis and Cinellis, and I still find myself stopping to look when I see a Colnago or Pegoretti or Pinarello, or you name it…I just tend to lean that way. And it’s not just because I’m brown – despite peoples guesses as to my sometimes being Italian, or Hawaiian, we are definitely of Hispanic descent. Despite my Italian leaning preferences, I can approve a fine bike built by anyone, anywhere, and am very much looking forward to getting my locally grown Ira Ryan frame this year. I’ve even admired some funky Japanese frames, when visiting a track shop in Portland, and it turns out I may have a deeper connection than I ever knew…

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Finally Friday: The Sun Is Out!

Wow, the sun is peeking through, and it’s not snowing, hailing, raining, sleeting, freezing rain, freezing fog, black ice, or any other kind of arctic blast to mess with! Aside from some possible showers Saturday or Sunday, we’re looking at a string of really nice days. I’m gettin’ out!

Some good things to read if you haven’t already caught them:

  1. Heidi paints the perfect picture of how exactly much life the wind can suck right out of you.
  2. Bicycle Design has finally posted the finalists in the Commuter BIke Design Contest. Some comments over there about how a couple aren’t that ground-breaking, but honestly, if the contest was about getting more people commuting, I’m not sure designing bikes to look like eyelash curlers is the ticket.
  3. Since I may not live to blog again after picking up a WeThePeople BMX bike to kick around with my 11-year old son, here’s a cool video of Lilian Conry on his WTP.
  4. Cyclelicious posted a link to a destroyed Cinelli that flew off it’s rack. Ugh.
  5. And since I can hardly believe it myself, look at 8 of those next 10 days.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Calvin And The Killer Bike

I stumbled across Jason Killingsworth’s blog post, “Five Reasons I Still Adore Calvin & Hobbes” and had to smile as I too am a long time Watterson/Calvin & Hobbes fan. Like Jason, the comics are precious to me, and I all my kids have fallen in love with my collection of books as well. When the girls got their little Morkie, the two top name options were Sprocket and Hobbes. Sprocket mostly won out because we already knew some other Hobbes dogs. Anyway, enough rambling…here’s a classic Calvin & Hobbes bike strip.


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Wright Sock – My Favorite Socks For Riding

WrightSock Running socks....good for bikes too!
WrightSock Running socks....good for bikes too!

I like to fancy myself a fairly simple guy. Sure I appreciate a well built bike, and can even justify the expense of something beyond an off the shelf model, but in most areas I think I like to keep things simple. I typically have just a couple pairs of jeans and a few shirts that I cycle through for my normal day to day attire. I like driving old trucks, and had some of my most fun driving an ugly beat up VW Rabbit long past it’s usefulness as a contributing member of the vehicular society. Sometimes simple is just good.

Now, that being said, I don’t normally get excited about socks. They are just the sweat barrier between my flat feet and whatever shoes I’m wearing. However, the exception to that rule is when I wear my favorite socks — WrightSock Running socks. I bought these on a whim before a ride last summer from the local run shop. I actually popped in to pick up some Tifosi glasses, and saw some black running socks that seemed like they might be decent for riding with. WrightSock likes to say:

This Anti-Blister Double Layer sock has an exceptional 2 layer system that pulls moisture away from your skin and brings it to the top layer where a quick evaporation process works it’s magic , thus keeping your feet cool and dry. With an outer layer of mid weight Dri-Wright polyester for ultimate moisture control and an inner layer of that same amazing material, combined you have a complete moisture wicking friction free “machine”.

All I can say is that my feet love these socks. No matter how I say it, it’s gonna sound weird, but some days when I’m not riding, but want to treat my feet to a little something special…I toss these babies on. Is that wacky? Maybe, maybe not, but these socks are one of the simplest joys in my life. Do you have a favorite brand/type of sock, or other simple pleasure item for cycling?