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And So It Begins…

Pedals?  Who wants an omelette?!
Pedals? Who wants an omelette?!

These little babies showed up this week, and I suppose it’s only fitting that the rain started coming down as I installed them in my garage. My ‘real’ bike won’t be done for a bit of time, so I put them on a ‘training bike’ that I’ll use for now. (More on that in a future post.) In my mind I’ve been visualizing myself going through the motions of the skills I’ll be working on between now and the fall season. My ‘real’ shoes will be here next week, but I couldn’t wait, and threw the cleats on a spare pair of mtb shoes to begin getting used these wildly different pedals (I’ve only really ridden Time Impacts for the past two years. I just spent the better part of the last 15 minutes laughing at myself saying “nope, that’s not it…..nope, not there either….hmm, that’s not it either….ok, wait, nope……”

It’s a good thing I’ve still got some months ahead, I’ve got a lot of work to do.

A lot.

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Review: The Complete Book Of Cyclocross by Scott Mares

bookofcyclocrossAnytime I’m brand new to something, I like to take in as much information as possible before diving in. Particularly if it’s something I’m going to be doing in front of others, and especially if chances are high that I’ll make a complete fool of myself. Toss in a high likelihood that I can injure and/or maim myself, and I really want to get some heads up instruction before venturing out.

Even before I get some one on one coaching from other riders, I knew I needed a Cyclocross for Dummies type of book — something that would not only explain the history and evolution of the sport, but one that would also break down different skills needed, and the best ways to train for them. Scott Mare’s Complete Book of Cyclocross, Skill Training and Racing is way beyond the Dummies series book, and just what the doctor ordered….