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Oh Happy Day! I Drew The Golden Ticket!

An Ira Ryan cyclocross bike, in its natural environment.
An Ira Ryan cyclocross bike, in it's natural environment.

I woke up early this morning sometime in the wee hours of the morning and happened to check my iPhone to find the best email I’d seen in a while; my Ira Ryan frame is next in line to be built! Oh Happy Day! I’ll be going up to get all dialed in this week, but I emailed Ira back to say that I’m really thinking I’ll have him build a cyclocross bike, but would love for it to be flexible enough to serve other road/utility duties beyond that. I love Ira’s enthusiam for all things cycling, and of course his response was as expected…

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Seriously…Too Legit To Quit


Ok, any thoughts I might have had about slipping quietly into the spectator arena for the cross season, were dashed today when these babies showed up. I told my wife they missed it by one year….since I was born in 1969, but she said ‘nope, it’s my year!’

So if you roll up behind ol’ number 1970, take a good look, because once you go past me, you may not see that number again! Seriously, got a tear in the eye…gotta go put these babies with my gear.

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Warning: Keizer Rapids Park Eats Chains


Up until Saturday, it had been 10 days since I’d been on any bike, of any kind. Meetings, rush projects, kids activities…you name it, it pulled me away from being able to ride. Fortunately, I found a window -albeit a chilly one- on Saturday, and got out for a little combo road/offroad riding with teammates Pat and Ellen. Actually, I should say I tried with all my might to hang on to the back of whatever speeds they graciously slowed down to for me…but I’ll go ahead and pretend like we were all out riding at the same intensity…

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Pacific Pedaling 2009 Team Announcement

I’m not going to get all formal on you, so let me just say it — we’re sponsoring a team for 2009. The 2009 Team is a fully-sponsored handful of riders all from Salem, Oregon. I’ll be posting bios and additional information in other posts this week, but after a couple of months of meetings and interviews, I’m excited to share the names of our sponsored riders for this year. In no particular order, the 2009 team consists of James Cloyd, Pat Kudszus, Ellen Miller, Tyler Jackson, and Martha Paulus.

Team members from left to right: Ellen Miller, James Cloyd, Pat Kudszus, Tyler Jackson, and Martha Paulus
2009 Team members from left to right: Ellen Miller, James Cloyd, Pat Kudszus, Tyler Jackson, and Martha Paulus

Read on friends!…..

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Check Back Monday, Fun Stuff Coming!


I’m looking forward to posting on Monday and all of next week, please come back for lots of fun stuff!

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25 Random Things About This Video – Beginner Cross Practice

I’m a victim of popular culture. While watching some clips I shot of myself to see what I can keep working on for the 2009 cyclocross season, I started taking notes…next thing I know, I had 25 of them. Thanks to the beauty of the interweb, you get to endure them along with me. In no particular order, my random thoughts while watching my own video….

Keizer Rapids Park Cyclocross Practice from nwduffer on Vimeo.

1. Dang, that’s 220 lbs of rolling brown guy right there. I’ve got some work to do on the weight, it’s a good thing I’m still making progress.

2. What the heck was I thinking with my fashion choice for the day, I kind of look like a “Blue Man Group meets Oscar Meyer Weiner Mascot” mash up.

3. Yes, that IS a titanium hose clamp on that seatpost…. no, I can’t get you one.

4. Just shortly after putting my camera away, I was working on some tight corner practicing around a stump and fallen branch and found out what happens when a branch gets between the spokes and fork of your front wheel.

5. I’ve been told there’s a cougar out in Keizer Rapids Park, but no worries, I have yet to see Morgan Fairchild on any of my outings.

6. Dang, that really is 220 lbs of slow rolling brown guy right there….

7. When I see this video, I’m reminded of how every time I’m out on any of my bikes and I think to work on my form, the song comes up “Wanted, Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi. Why you ask, because it sings “I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride,” and there I am on my steel horse….and when I see the shadows of my legs on the road or dirt, I see how I look like a big ol’ cowboy….BOWLEGGED as all get out. Hooters may be famous for wings, but if I were a restaurant I’d be famous for thighs….and you would always be full if you ordered them. I walk the same way if I’m not careful…more reasons to keep making progress.

8. KRP (I’m not typing out the full name anymore) is just one letter short of WKRP, which was the radio station in one of the great sitcoms of my younger days.

9. If you watch the whole video, you’ll notice I DON’T have any run-ins with bordering neighbors. That’s because I clearly understand where the boundaries are now, and stay out of private property. Just trying to bring peace and unity to the city of Keizer.

10. In a pinch, I default to iMovie for my video editing, even though I have tons of more powerful tools at hand.

11. In the same pinch, I tend to gravitate towards free GarageBand loops as well.

12. You won’t see it in the video, but I actually did my first moving dismount here on this day and the Russians gave me a 10!

13. Shortly after the dismount, I decided I would pick up my bike and practice running over fake barriers. You can thank me now that there is not video of that.

14. Shane Witham is the Grand Poobah of KRP and Keizer in general. I’ve known him since he was in middle school – back when he flicked my earlobes marvelling at the sheer mass of them, back when a few of us rode with him the day he got his license and drove through peoples lawns, and back when we logged some decent nighttime wiffle ball championships in the State Hospital parking lot.

15. Shane, I’m going to be calling on you for some favors with the park soon, count on it.

16. I had “I Am I Said,” by Neil Diamond in my head all day during this ride.

17. I’m not sure what the ettiquite is in a park like this…do you yell “On Your Left,” or just slow down and sneak past someone, or just go around them. Somehow I still feel like most walkers are looking at me like someone who doesn’t belong.

18. I’ve got a nice little 8-10 minute loop where I go uphill, downhill, across dirt, mud, sand, gravel, bark chips, etc. I even have a section where I run over fake barriers and do a run-up up a steep dirt path. I’m going to keep working on bettering my time on that loop. I’m pretty sure that Pat, James, Ellen, Tyler or Martha would all do it in about half the time.

19. Before my last ride, I took off my second water bottle cage, and even left my bottle at home since it’s just a 10 minute ride to the park from my house. I’m not going to wait until James makes me get tough enough to race for 50 minutes without water.

20. I also got one of those old people emergency bracelets, so when I pass out from dehydration, they can notify my next of kin.

21. There is never a time, rain or shine, that I don’t shake my head in disbelief that we live where we do, and get to see such a beautiful place everyday. I am thankful.

22. I’m a photographer, but I still can’t help but look at the camera when I’m coming up on it. I would never be good on a soap opera that way.

23. I have no idea what a Poprad is, and I don’t plan on Googling it. I will not Google the Poprad.

24. Dang, I gotta say, that’s 220 lbs of rolling big brown guy right there….

25. I know I’ve got a lot of work to do, but I’m really getting pretty pumped. Gonna be fun to watch the progress! Thanks for reading and watching!

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Back In The Blazing Saddles Again

BonkTown strikes again. New Arrowhead saddle.
BonkTown strikes again. New Arrowhead saddle.

I’m sorry for the title, I’ve lost all creative productivity these days. On Saturday I swapped out the saddle on my cross bike, and installed a new Selle San Marco Caymano Arrowhead. I didn’t selet this particular saddle for any specific reason other than it came across BonkTown, I needed one, and it was a decent deal. When I bought the used Lemond for a cross training bike, the owner asked to keep the saddle, and I stole one from my 925 in the short term, but it wasn’t ideal, and I knew I’d have to pick one up. I’d heard something less substantial would be good for cross since I’d be getting off and on a bunch, so this seemed to fit the bill. Several months left before the season, so I can try something else if I don’t like this one. So far so good after a couple runs with it…but it did make me think about my saddle history thus far in my short cycling life…

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First Time In The Mud and The Muck

The bike, back at the office after the inaugural day out.
The bike, back at the office after the inaugural day out.

I know the cross season is over, and most folks are heading into the road season. As the winter days turn to spring, everyone’s getting out on skinny tires and gettin’ all fast and stuff. I know others are dusting off mountain bikes and getting ready to head up into the trails and trees. And while I love the sunny days on the road too, I feel pretty comfy on my road bike — I’m not as strong as I’d like to be, but at least I’m comfortable on it. Yes, there will be many more days on my road bike, that’s such a love of mine, and I look forward to them. But up until this week, I’ve never really been off road, so for me, training for cross 2009 starts right away! On Monday, in the cold and rain, I got my first schooling….

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The Edge, Tweets and Motivation For the Ride


Last week was a roller coaster of a week for me on the bike. While it was sunny off an on, it was still dang cold. I put in a decent amount of miles — getting out every other day, which is pretty good for me, especially in February. And still I can’t say all of them were great miles. Some were downright ugly. Some took an awful lot of work when they shouldn’t have. It didn’t help that Heidi and Russell were both tweeting and twittering away about sunscreen, carbon fiber, hot days and cold pools, endless miles of Arizon roads, and man servants waiting on them hand and foot. Since I was riding solo each of those days, I had a lot of time to think about important things….

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UCI CycloCross World Championships Online

Racers line up at the World Championships.
Racers line up at the World Championships.

By the time you read this, the UCI CycloCross World Championships will have come and gone. I won’t ruin it for you with spoiler information in case you’re still somehow holding out, and living in a dark cave. Obviously, coverage is sparse on TV, and on a day when most people are dialing in the Super Bowl, you likely wouldn’t be able to find it anywhere.

For those that don’t know, you can watch the Men’s and Women’s Elite races online at Universal Sports. Also, here is the Cycling page with schedules of other events being brodcast.

By the way, I typically fancy myself up-to-date with all the current browsers and plugins, but I had to do some updating to get the video to display properly on my Powerbook. Both the Flip4Mac and Quicktime plugins needed to be updated on my computer. Let me save you the trouble of getting yours to play, and give you link to the Video Support Page. Have fun!

PS – Thanks to Pat Kudszus for passing along the link to me!