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Race Report: LifeSource Natural Foods Salem Short Track – Race 2

Racers negotiate the quick double up and over in the 2nd Race of the LifeSource Natural Foods MTB Salem Short Track Series at the Oregon State Fairgrounds.
Racers negotiate the quick double up and over in the 2nd Race of the LifeSource Natural Foods MTB Salem Short Track Series at the Oregon State Fairgrounds.

Monday night was the 2nd race in the LifeSource Natural Foods MTB Salem Short Track Series, or as I like to call it, the longest named race around! And this week it was even hotter than last week…I think we were in the low 90’s by the time the first race began. The high temps keep hammering racers with a dry, dusty, hot course to race on. We also changed up the course from last week to accommodate all the groups using the grounds the day we’ll be racing during the fair, and the reports were the course was much faster than last week. Photos from the 2nd race are up on Flickr. Matt’s photos are on Flickr too. And Matt made a cool video as well, which is on Vimeo.

Ok, team props out of the way here right off the bat. I was waiting on official OBRA results, but wanted to get the post race up, so I’ll go from the email. James Cloyd, not only took 1st in Cat 2 (again) but then turned around and raced in Cat 1, back to back! Ellen Miller also raced back to back, first as the fastest singlespeed lady around, and then taking 2nd in Cat 1 Women. Martha Paulus put in a solid 4th in Cat 2 Women, and Tyler Jackson knocked out a nice mid 5th spot. So proud of the team! Once they are posted, you can see all the results at the OBRA site.

Im thinking about putting a Great James Race Face photo up each week. Heres one to kick it off...
I'm thinking about putting a "Great James Race Face" photo up each week. Here's one to kick it off...

Now, this was also my very first race of any kind on a bike, and the good news is…I’m still alive! I hadn’t planned on doing any racing until cross season, but couldn’t find any more reasons NOT to, so with borrowed bike in hand, I took my turn around with the Cat 3 men. How was it? Really hard. Brutal. Besides being still way overweight, and not in any kind of race condition at all, it was also stinking hot. But the good news is, I didn’t go down, and I finished in one piece! I started off in the back of the group, figuring it was the safest place for the first time out, and pretty much stayed there. I tried to catch up after a couple laps, but never really made up much ground. Apparently, someone felt bad for me and decided to have a mechanical or just pull out because I wasn’t listed as dead last…just one shy of it though.  I may not ever be a fast racer, but I think I’ll find plenty of enjoyment in the times I get out to do it.

Even better than experiencing my first race though, was the fact that my 12 year old son Aaron decided to get out and give it a go as well…and get this, he won his junior category! He came out with me at 3:30 to help set up the course, and after running around the BMX course with other kids there, he decided to try the short track race. Tyler let him borrow is 24″ cruiser, and he cranked away on the larger BMX with the 10-14 Junior class.

Aaron Lopez, about to negotiate a descent, and rockin the team jersey. At least one Lopez can represent the team kit....
Aaron Lopez, about to negotiate a descent, and rockin' the team jersey. At least one Lopez can represent the team kit....

Since Juniors and Cat 3 raced at the same time, my favorite moments of the race were catching up to Aaron and getting a chance to tell him he was doing a great job and to keep pedaling! At first he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to even complete a lap, but he actually completed just one lap shy of the old man! My buddy Nate snagged photos during the Cat 3 race and got this shot of us together:

Father and son, both racing together for the first time.
Father and son, both racing together for the first time.

Overall a great night, and a continuation of a great series down here in Salem. Even with the heat, there seemed to be more spectators out cheering on the racers. We had the music blasting (sorry about the offensive word in the track…I found it and have removed it! oops!) and the water guns spraying. Next week wraps up with races on Monday and Saturday, during the fair. Hope to see you all soon!

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Drop It Like It’s Hot

snoopIn the words of the great philosopher Snoop Dog, “when the pimp’s in the crib ma, drop it like it’s hot…drop it like it’s hot.” Well the pimp is in the crib, and we are officially dropping an *L* from our name, as of today. Although a technically correct spelling, most people find us by searching for pacific pedaling, with just one *L.*

Turns out those crazy cyclists across the pond like to double up on the consonants, but not so much on this side. Plus, we *are* facing tough economic times, so we figure it’s time to cut back a little. Not to mention, it fits better on a jersey….

Now don’t worry if you’re linked to us…all incoming links will still work, we’ve crossed all our Ts and dotted our Is to make sure stuff don’t break. But, if you are linked to us, or have us on a blogroll, consider changing out that link at some point if you don’t mind.

In Other News – Don’t forget the Salem Community Briefing on the Minto Island bridge proposal. It’s tonight from 5:00 – 7:00 pm at the Salem Library.

In Other Other News – There is some decent off-road riding at Keizer Rapids, just be careful not to miss any of the signs and accidentally end up on the roads leading to private property. They don’t take kindly to trespassers out there, even if you didn’t mean it!

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BMX: License To Kill…..Myself

Fancy schmancy privelege to play card.
Fancy schmancy privilege to play card.

Last week my son and I popped into the covered, semi-indoor BMX track at the Oregon State Fairgrounds. We registered ourselves to be all legalized next time we head down there to ride. Today my official card showed up, and I had to take a snapshot. Here I was thinking the road and cyclocross crowd had their stuff in order, but these guys are the first to issue me a hard card of some sort. And I thought BMXers  were the rebels….fancy.

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Finally Friday: The Sun Is Out!

Wow, the sun is peeking through, and it’s not snowing, hailing, raining, sleeting, freezing rain, freezing fog, black ice, or any other kind of arctic blast to mess with! Aside from some possible showers Saturday or Sunday, we’re looking at a string of really nice days. I’m gettin’ out!

Some good things to read if you haven’t already caught them:

  1. Heidi paints the perfect picture of how exactly much life the wind can suck right out of you.
  2. Bicycle Design has finally posted the finalists in the Commuter BIke Design Contest. Some comments over there about how a couple aren’t that ground-breaking, but honestly, if the contest was about getting more people commuting, I’m not sure designing bikes to look like eyelash curlers is the ticket.
  3. Since I may not live to blog again after picking up a WeThePeople BMX bike to kick around with my 11-year old son, here’s a cool video of Lilian Conry on his WTP.
  4. Cyclelicious posted a link to a destroyed Cinelli that flew off it’s rack. Ugh.
  5. And since I can hardly believe it myself, look at 8 of those next 10 days.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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BMX Update: Bit the Bullet – Full Report After I Break My Neck

It’s in the back, and on it’s way home (after work anyway) so hopefully my next report isn’t from a hospital bed. Previously thought about in this post.

WeThePeople BMX ride on it's way home....
WeThePeople BMX ride on it's way home....