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In the spring of 2007, I decided I needed to drop some weight. I started eating better, and picked up a Trek Navigator comfort bike as a form of exercise. I spent the next couple weeks tooling around the neighborhood, reaquainting myself with the love of bikes I’d had as a kid when we’d spend hours on BMX bikes, canvassing the small town I grew up in. When my younger brother left for a couple weeks on vacation, he left his Torelli Gran Sasso steel framed road bike with me, and riding it became like crack cocaine for me – instant addiction.

I couldn’t believe how much more efficient the road bike was compared to the comfort bike. Skinnier tires, lighter frame, no fork and seat suspension, and a tiny little seat. After getting used to the perceived shakiness of this nimble bike, I took it out for a 20 mile ride, screaming (well, it felt like screaming at the time) down the road all the way. I took his bike into the local shop where he had it built, and asked the owner to make me a twin for myself….only slightly faster and sexier!

I dropped 50 lbs in 2007, and continue to love riding, and really anyting related to bikes. This blog originally started out as a self accountability blog for my weight loss, but has since morphed into one related to bikes and riding here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I currently ride road bikes exclusively, but am looking forward to trying my hand at Cyclocross in the 2009 season!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy what you read and watch here, and please let me know you stopped in to visit!


Please feel free to email me at paul (at) (you know what to do with all that…)

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