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Bike Snob Writes a Book…Time To Show His Face

BikeSnobNYC...courtesy of the WSJ online.

If you’ve read any bike blogs today at all, you now know that our favorite snarky bike blogger, BikeSnobNYC has stepped out from behind the curtain and let everyone see who he really is. If you dont’ follow Bike Snob, he’s done one heck of a job at keeping himself anonymous from the majority of the world, while entertaining the crap out of most people he’s poking fun at.

As today’s Wall Street Journal online reports:

Still, there’s one thing most readers don’t know about the Bike Snob: his real name. While not exactly going to Bruce Wayne-levels of protection, the Bike Snob has shielded his actual identity from the public, preferring to let his pen name take the credit. He’s posed for magazine and newspaper articles with his face shielded, revealing only fragments of detail about his personal life.

In addition, Bike Portland managed to get in a few Q & A’s with the not-so-mysterious writer, which you can read on their site as well. I’m a little bummed…I kind of hoped we’d never really know who he was and talk about that mysterious blogger way back when….

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