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OBRA CX Championships, This Saturday, November 5

View from the seats in the horse arena, which will house the beer garten and live band. Photo thanks to Matt Haughey
View from the seats in the horse arena, which will house the beer garten and live band. Photo thanks to Matt Haughey

Mark your calendars for a full day of cyclocross racing this coming Saturday, November 5 at the Oregon State Fairgrounds. The Willamette Valley Cyclocross Series wraps up with the OBRA Championships at the Fairgrounds. Check for more information. Last minute registrations are available at the venue on Saturday, and races start at 10 am.

Series Points 10 deep (15, 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2)

Prizes:  $1500 min. cash payout for SR A Men and Women for the top five in the series.  Swag for top three in other categories.

Series winners and OBRA CX Champions will be recognized on Nov 7th, 2009.  The ceremony for the morning racers will follow the kiddie race.  Afternoon racers will be recognized after the A race.

Start Times/Categories/Race Length

10 am Beginner Men/Category C Men/Masters C 35+ Men (45min)

11 am Masters Category B 35+ Men/Masters 50/60+ Men/Clydesdale Men (45min)

Noon Oregon Junior Cyclocross Series

12:30 pm Kiddie Cross

Series / OBRA Champs Recognition #1

1 pm Category B Men/SS Men & Women/Unicycle (45min)

2 pm Women Category A/B/Beginners/Masters 35+ (45min)

3 pm Category A Men/Masters A 35+ Men (60min)

Series / OBRA Champs Recognition #2

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