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Battle Creek Golf Course – Favorite Pics and Report


I had high hopes that Battle Creek might bring about some sort of magic for me. I’d played many a round of golf there in my younger days, it was my first cross event to witness, and’s the home course, right? Well, no such luck…Battle Creek was damp, squishy, and slow…at least for me. A beautiful day on the course, just not a fast one. Much of the Pacific Pedaling team was unavailable this week, so Martha and I had to rep the team.


There are no hills at Battle Creek, so promoters had to get creative with sand bunkers as ways to try to force riders off their bikes. At first this seemed like a bonus – no Sherwood-esque hills to suck the life out of me. However, the downside of a flat course is that there is no place to really recover. It’s an all out mash fest for the entire time. I later explained to my wife that it felt like I was riding as hard as I could for 45 minutes, and getting nowhere fast. That being said, here are some favorite photos of the day.


The sand trap vertical ledges provided for some crowd pleasing entertainment as well, and great photo opportunities.

Complete set at Flickr page. Many thanks to Dave Rasca who shot all the photos from the 10 a.m. races for me while I was on the bike.









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