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Battle Creek Race This Saturday in Salem, Oregon


Mark your calendars for our next local cyclocross race right here in Salem, Oregon at the old Battle Creek Golf Course on Commercial. The fellas over at are working hard to put on a cool and fun event here in the Capital City. According to the site:

The Battlecreek golf course in Salem, OR sets the stage for race #2, Saturday Oct 24th, of the WVC series.  The golf isn’t manicured any longer but the picture below should give racers a general idea about the terrain and course layout. We’ve run the course over every tee box to provide some hills! Online registration ($20) will be open until 5 pm on Friday.  Day of race registration ($25) is open 15 minutes before your race.

Entrance/Parking:  The entrance to the course is tricky.  It’s a very quick turn off of Commercial through the gate.  The entrance is located off of Madras.

Be sure to hop over to their site to see a map of the course, register, and find out more information from the promoters. Last years Battle Creek race was the first cross race I ever even attended, and I made the following video from my day as a spectator. Y’all should come out!

Battlecreek Cross from nwduffer on Vimeo.

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