C’mon Alberto, Win Graciously, Would Ya?

Alberto Contador, 2009 Tour de France winner.
Alberto Contador, 2009 Tour de France winner.

I typically like to write about what’s happening in and around the local area, but I’m disappointed in the aftermath of the Tour this year. This is really the first year I got up each day to watch the Stages (well, after we got home from our trip,) and followed the action. I watched as Gharmin and others blew out Hincapie’s chance to win the stage, when Jens put his face to pavement going over 40 mph, and as Contador took the time trial by seconds and subsequently won the entire Tour. For the first time I felt fully immersed in the action of the Tour de France.

Of course we heard rumblings that not all was love and happiness on Team Astana early on. And I’m not trying to pretend that Lance is any kind of saint either. Despite raising tons of cash for cancer through Livestrong, I have personal friends who’ve worked Livestrong and been around Lance and said “he was a complete butthead to us.” But honestly, anyone who watched the Tour knows that it does, in fact, take a team to win a massive multi-stage race.

So while all the things may be matter of fact, true statements, c’mon Alberto, win with some dignity would you. Don’t take your victory, and then turn on your team mate and say you don’t have any admiration for Lance, and never will. I long ago turned off Lance’s tweets from coming to my phone (way too many updates all day long) but I was glad to see him respond, simply and truthfully.  I know there are poor winners and losers in every sports arena across the world, but this is exactly the kind of attitude so many people have about roadies in general. We don’t need a champion driving it home.

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