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Putting the Bike Friday Through The Paces In and Around Salem


We have officially rounded the corner and are into the final stretch before our epic 3 week adventure across the country. Yesterday I was having the AC recharged on our travel vehicle, and had the Bike Friday in the back, so when I dropped off the rig at the dealership, I simply unfolded it, grabbed my messenger bag, helmet and glasses, and headed down town. I remember thinking, “I could keep this thing with me all the time!” I rode from Capitol Chevrolet down to the Beanery downtown, did a little remote work for a couple hours, then headed back when the rig was ready for me. Great set up!

Last night I started getting the BF ready for the trip and swapped out the stock flat pedals with some EggBeaters. They are not the ideal road pedals for me with the extra free play, but I think they’ll be decent for the kind of riding I’ll be doing. I won’t be getting out and hammering each day, but more likely will be doing some fair paced cruising, on roads and paths I’m not familiar with. The tires on the BF actually are pretty decent for getting off the road a bit here and there. This morning as I was out and about on a quick Windsor Island loop ride, I realized that I’ll have the added benefit of being in my cross shoes on these pedals for the next three weeks, which is a bonus. I also threw on a little saddle bag, and put my Garmin Forerunner gps/computer on, which I think will be handy in new and unfamiliar areas on our trip.

This morning I did a quick 12 mile ride around the familiar Windsor Island loop. The BF did just fine and was comfortable to ride, and even a little peppy. It’s no custom road bike for sure, but it’s set up with the same measurements as my road bike, and darn close positioning, and will be ideal for the quick hour ride before the rest of the family gets up on our vacation. I’m looking forward to riding in new cities and states, and keeping the legs spinning. I’ll even be sure to snap a photo in each state I ride in…but probably will not be quite as epic as this dude:

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