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Oh Happy Day! I Drew The Golden Ticket!

An Ira Ryan cyclocross bike, in its natural environment.
An Ira Ryan cyclocross bike, in it's natural environment.

I woke up early this morning sometime in the wee hours of the morning and happened to check my iPhone to find the best email I’d seen in a while; my Ira Ryan frame is next in line to be built! Oh Happy Day! I’ll be going up to get all dialed in this week, but I emailed Ira back to say that I’m really thinking I’ll have him build a cyclocross bike, but would love for it to be flexible enough to serve other road/utility duties beyond that. I love Ira’s enthusiam for all things cycling, and of course his response was as expected…

“A cross bike with all round versatility is right up my alley. Discrete fender mounts and rack mounts to be able to ride it all year round and still race cross on it. I have come to think of this styled bike as the ultimate Pacific Northwest bike.”

As many of you know, I spent a couple hours with Ira last year when choosing custom builders in the area, and his infectious attitude about all things cycling convinced me that he was the right choice for my custom build. One of the great things I appreciate about Ira is that he lives and breathes cycling every day. He rides the bikes he builds, including when he built his first frame and raced it without paint for 325 miles over 24 hours to win the inaugural Trans-Iowa Race.

In his words, “Gliding over moon lit gravel for hours and hours on a bike I made with my own hands, to win the Trans-Iowa, is an experience that will forever influence my riding and commitment to the craft of bicycle building.”

Another beautiful Ira Ryan cyclocross frame.
Another beautiful Ira Ryan cyclocross frame.

Perfect, that’s exactly what I need…the ultimate Pacific Northwest bike. Or the ultimate Pacific Pedaling bike…one of the two. I’ll keep you posted on the process.

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