Post Weekend – The Saturday Market Ride

Making our own valet parking at The Saturday Market.

As is often the case when the weather turns nice, the fam and I took a little bicycle jaunt down to the Saturday Market. We’re an ecumenical little bunch, accepting a complete mix of any and all kinds of bikes. This week I rode my cross bike, pulling my youngest son in the Burley trailer. My wife was on her cheapo single speed cruiser, and my son was on his BMX bike. I was a little tired from doing an early morning 30 mile ride with Darrell, but we always cruise at a slow and friendly pace, for an enjoyable ride for all.

I had misunderstood that the volunteer-run valet parking was already happening at the market, and spent a few minutes walking around the stage area looking for the kind people that would take our bikes. After a brief moment of searching, we found our old standby tree, right next to the PortaPotties, and chained them all up. We’ve never had an issue with people messing with our bikes so far, but the valet service will still be nice….once it starts on June 6!

On another note, Saturday was THE day to be at the market. Check out the photo below to see just some of the people we bumped into while there. We finally had to say, ‘lets get a group picture,’ to capture the day:

Just some of the folks we bumped into at The Saturday Market.
Just some of the folks we bumped into at The Saturday Market.

Immediately after showing up we bumped into Matt and his family, who were hanging with Jeff and his family, then bumped into Rich and Corrie, then Charles and Kristi, Nate, Deanna, Chelsea, Emily and Delilah, Ryan and Kealy, Conrad, Kari, Mila and Nolan, and then bumped into another group of friends after that.

We were only there for about an hour, but the place was packed, with both vendors and patrons. We’ll miss getting to visit when we’re gone on our trip, but look forward to seeing what other markets are across the country!

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Hi Paul & family! So sorry for the miscommunication! But I hope you all can ride down again this Saturday. We’ll be there, with plenty of room for all your bikes & your trailer! The bike lot will be near the gravel area at the north side of the Market, easily accesible from Union Street. We’ll be happy to watch your rides!

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