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May 2009 Breakfast On Bikes And Tons More!

I’m so glad to see more bike and cycling activity kicking up in Salem. First off, a reminder that this Friday, May 29th, Breakfast on Bikes be at the North Office Mall Building on Winter street NE from 7am to 9am with coffee, pastries, and fruit for anyone riding their bikes into work. As the weather turns nicer, the crowds are growing larger….hope to see you there.

Also, local cycling guru, Eric Lundgren sent over a current ‘What’s Happening’ list pertaining to tons of bicycling items and events in the area. Who knew we had so much going on? Be sure to check them out below!

Friday, May 29th
Breakfast on Bikes – North Mall Office Building
Between 7am and 9am enjoy free coffee, fruit, and pastries on your bike commute!
Thanks to Cascade Baking, the Coffee House Cafe, and LifeSource Natural Foods

Wednesday, June 3
The Downtown Vision 2020 Bike & Ped Workgroup meets between noon at
1:30pm in the Pringle Community Hall.

Saturday, June 6th – ongoing
Salem Saturday Market Valet Bike Parking
Ride your bike to the market and leave it with the bike valets while
you shop!  Friends of Salem Saturday Market kicks off this great
service the first Saturday in June.

Wednesday, June 10th

Free Bicycle Legal Clinic
Learn about when it’s safe to “take the lane,” about “citizen
initiated traffice citations” and all about the law and bikes.

Saturday, June 13th
Bicycle Education:  Traffic 101
League Cycling Instructors Robert Fox and Gary Obery teach a day-long
course on how to be a better and safer bicyclist in traffic.

June 11th – 27th
Portland Pedalpalooza
If you’re going out of town, catch some of the amazing rides and bike
culture up north.

Sunday, June 28th
Fairview Circuit Races
Bike racing right here in Salem!  There are rumors about extra
entertainment options, so be sure to look out for more news later in

Quarry on Skyline Road
Marion County is holding a hearing this afternoon on conditional use
permits for a proposed rock quarry to go in just off Skyline Road.
Truck traffic may impact bicyclists on Skyline.

Continuing Saga of Jobs and Transportation Act – HB 2001
Track the week-by-week story of the big transportation package.

Commercial Street Restriping Plan
One of the first fruits of the Downtown Vision 2020 Bike & Ped group
is a proposal spearheaded by Kevin Hottman and Gary Obery to restripe
Commercial through downtown to make it more bike friendly.  As it
moves to the wider community, it will need your support in June and
July.  Watch for more!

Bicycle Parking Regulations at the State
DAS proposed new parking regulations this and at a hearing this month,
bicycle advocates argued that one of the best ways the State can
effectively support its goal to reduce single-occupancy motor vehicle
commuting is to supply a plentiful mix of highly visible short- and
long-term bike parking.  The deadline for public comment was extended
and hopefully this will result in improved bike parking options for
employees and visitors to State facilities.

Every Sunday at 1:30pm
Salem Bicycle Club Introductory High Wheeler Rides
Check out Club riding!  Every Sunday at 1:30 the Salem Bicycle Club
offers “high wheeler” rides of approximately 25 miles and few hills.
No rider left behind!

Every Thursday at 6:30pm
Salem Bicycle Club Family Rides
Every Thursday the Salem Bicycle Club offers a short ride of 10-12
miles for families.  Bring the kids, the tandem, the tag-along!

End of June
Bicycle Count Project Training and Kick-off
It’s almost time for the second annual bicycle count!  More riders are
everywhere, and let’s document the increase!  Look for more
information mid-June.

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