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The Impending Three Week Dilema


I’m not a hard core cyclist, I totally get that. I’d love to be able to ride every day, and work myself into some He-Man of an athlete that is at the top of my game, but that’s just not reality for me. I’m pretty happy if I get 3 solid rides in during any given week, and cross the 100 mile mark. Often times, the week will go by and I’ve only been on the bike once. Sad, but true.  Cross season will get here quicker than I know and I really need to find ways to log more miles, build more endurance, and practice some skills. I’ve even picked up jogging a bit to throw in fitness wherever I can, and have found myself contemplating full on night rides after the kids have gone to bed. We’ll see how that goes…

After the kids get out of school, we’re setting off on our Epic Family Adventure. We’ll be leaving Oregon mid June, and be gone for approximately 3 weeks, heading down through California, and then east across the southern part of the country, with multi-day stops in Texas and Tennessee for family and friends. With 4 kids, and plenty of opinions, I already know the trip will be a mix of both blessings and trials. Life long memories, and bond-testing incidents. Images of every road trip horror story movie and sitcom have crossed my mind ever since we first talked about it…but in the end, I know this will be a very cool thing we’ll do together.

The dilema for me of course, is what do I do about riding? We will not have enough room for multiple bikes for everyone. Not even enough room for just bikes for the boys. If I took one, it’d have to be a fold up bike that would make do for some simple spinning up. Even still, I’m fairly certain time will be of the essence every single day as we’re setting out on the 5-10 hour drive to the next destination. I’m having a hard time envisioning myself taking out 1-3 hours for bike time.

Now, my wife wants to see me make it happen, so I have the support of the Navigator. I could darn near make it work, but I’m really not certain it’s worth the whole rigamaroo. In fact, I’m starting to lean towards not messing with trying to take anything and either a) finding a place that has rentals if we really have time, and I’m really in the mood (might even get them for the kids) or b) just taking a pair of running shoes and shorts and doing quick runs in the morning, which won’t take up too much family time.

Bottom line is, I’m not a hard core cyclist…it’s probably not going to mess me up too much! I’m just gonna miss my bikes!

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Hmmm, if I can only use that while I’m driving 5-10 hours a day, I could really get the legs in shape! Thanks for the tip Ellen!

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