Racing Team Team at Hornings Hustle and another “W!”


I wasn’t sure the weekend could get much better after a fantastic ride on Saturday, and then a monster tapas bash at Casa De Pez that night, but turns out it DID get better. I had hoped a day of decent miles and a night of birthday partying wouldn’t slow down team members that were hitting the Horning’s Hustle, and thankfully, it didn’t…in fact, tapas may be a secret weapon!

Pat wrapped up a #4 finish in Cat 1 Mens…even though I heard a rumor he wasn’t going to race. I’m slowly finding out with Pat that he can’t say no when it comes time to toe the line! In Women’s Cat 2, Ellen brought home ANOTHER 1st place spot! That’s two for two! What a great start to the season!

I’m so proud of our racers….great job guys!

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ur ultra lucky if those plastics and parts were cheap. the right foot peg/rear maetsr cylinder brake bracket is $170 CAD + 13% tax. a customer at the store where i work knocked over my with his car bike giving him a bill of $1200 from the dealer. nice guy though, he stayed and asked ppl who’s bike it was and admitted to knocking it over and payed for it too. how quick did u get urs? my fairings are coming all the way from japan!

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