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Last Thursday and Something Completely Random

ostrich_circle-smaller_001Last week, we headed up to Last Thursday on Alberta in NE Portland, where the musicians, street vendors, and bikes are spilling out the side streets. Almost a year ago, we stumbled upon Random Order on a birthday tour of restaurants and cafes….and it has become our favorite little place to get Stumptown french pressed coffee and homemade pie. Seriously, we can pretty easily be swayed to making a run up to Portland on the drop of a hat to spend a few hours hitting our favorite spots on Alberta or Mississippi. But I digress…such was the case this past Thursday. At the suggestion of good friends, we dropped our plans for the evening, and headed up to Alberta, for the Last Thursday festivities, and stumbled into Random Order for refreshments…only to find out how appropriate the name really is….

So we order our treats, and the Dads and kids sit down at a table while the two ladies sit at the counter, away from the craziness of a handful of children eating pie. If you haven’t been into Random Order before, here’s a shot from where we were sitting to where the gals were quietly enjoying their treats?


Now, as you can see, just behind the counter are several pictures, and chalkboards with specials, and you can’t really tell, but there are a few articles in frames as well. And there are the girls laughing and enjoying some coffee and pie. Right around the time this picture was taken, my wife turns around and looks at an article on the wall and says “Hey, that’s me!” – Totally joking about a woman that looks like here in an article. The gal in the photo had blond hair and was wearing a leather jacket and walking out of the Random Order cafe…and it was from an article in the New York Times.

Our friend sitting with my wife says, “hey, it IS you!” And sure enough, they all scoot in and realize that it IS indeed my wife in the photo. So we start hearing a bunch of laughing and commotion as they come over and tell us the story. We get up, head over, and sure enough…this is what we see:


And there she is, with my daughter right behind her. One Sunday afternoon, they made a quick, ‘random’ run up to Alberta to do some shopping, stopped into Random Order for snacks, and on the way out, got their photo taken. Shortly thereafter, the New York Times runs an article about businesses in Portland, to their 1.5 million Sunday circulation with my wife smack in the middle of the picture.

Pretty random, isn’t it?

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