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Here Comes The Sun – Me And My Stupid Cold


So, the sun is finally out, and I’ve managed to get myself sick once again. The rain was just pouring down at the beach the first part of the week, and it managed to shape the tickle in my throat into a good little cold. I really wanted to get out last night, but it was a bit windy, cold, and rainy…and I really just wanted to rest. Today however, I’m feeling a little better, and thinking if the weather holds…I’m gonna get out. Are there any rules to whether or not you should ride when you’re sick? I can’t seem to find any.

I stumbled on an older thread on BikeForums and basically read what I always hear when I ask this question, or stumble upon the topic…

  • Stay home and rest, get better first so you can ride at your best
  • Get out and ride…sweat that sickness out
  • No fever, then ride. Fever, stay home.
  • If you called in sick, stay home, don’t ride.
  • If you called in sick, what better day to go for a ride!
  • If it’s in your lungs, stop. If it’s in your head, ride, but be safe.

I’m going to take all of this under advisement. But as for now, if the weather holds, and I’m not passed out. I’m gonna get out this afternoon/evening, even if only for a short ride. If you have any advice, feel free to let me know.

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