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Second Hand Ryans (Ira, that is)

Ira Ryan custom frame

I love Robert Duvall – one of the great actors of our time, and my family loved Second Hand Lions. For some reason that movie came to mind as I drove home from Portland the other night, with a new-to-me Ira Ryan frame (and other stuff) safely tucked into the seat behind me. Yes, I’m on a list to have a custom frame built by Ira. Probably within the next month or so. But after a 22 email exchange with the original owner, we came to a place we could both live with, and I took it off his hands. I’ll likely have a cross bike or something other than a super light, fast frame built…so this was a great opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Enough talking, just more pictures for now – read on to see the rest. (and click em’ for the big ones)






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